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    Ricoh MP2555 Fax to network destination issue

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    Ricoh MP2555 Fax to network destination issue

    Customerís IT guy says they set up the fax forwarding and it works, then the next day it is printing faxes again.
    Any idea if this is a known issue or something I can look for if I go check it out.
    They had it set up on their previous MP 2851 with no problem.

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    Re: Ricoh MP2555 Fax to network destination issue

    There are 2 steps to properly setup Fax forward.
    1. Setup the forwarding to either folder or email
    2. Turn off printing

    If the forwarding destination is not available when a fax comes in, like overnight and the computer that the folder is on is off, it will then print the Fax.

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