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    Printer Driver Packager - Using Windows name for User ID

    Hi there, I am trying to amend a printer driver so the jobs are held using the logged in users Windows login name.

    This works ok however it only seems to use their first name which means there are clashes and jobs just get lumped under the one name i.e Joe Bloggs and Joe Smith send print jobs but both will be held under the name 'Joe'

    Can this be amended somewhere in the settings to use the full Windows login name?


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    Re: Printer Driver Packager - Using Windows name for User ID

    What format are the usernames in Windows? Workgroup or AD?

    At least from my experience, setting the port type for the printer on a server or workstation to LPR instead of RAW will give the username as part of the job log data.

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    Re: Printer Driver Packager - Using Windows name for User ID

    Print Driver Packager is a bit of an over kill for this. It is intended for packaging configured drivers to be deployed across a domai using group policies by Directory Tree. Sounds more like you are on a peer to peer network, aka work group.

    Are any of the computers used by more than one individual? If not then just store the name in the driver. Example in Devices and Printers right click on the printer and select Printing Preferences. Change Job Type to Hold Print. Click on the Details button to set name to use.

    If there are multiple users, your best option is to use the older Print Driver Editor and configure for pop ups.

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