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Well done that's why I only fit new parts and rebuild original units
hello, thank you, I would like to point out that both pcdu in the picture have new and original parts (they cost us almost less..lol), even the one on the right (old frame) also has a new developer unit, the problem that the customer he is a condominium administrator, he sometimes print even 6k pages collated, and stapled, in one night, (I did the math from the report of the day before) that morning, I was in a hurry, and I did not look, and I took the wrong one, the problem is that, in the one without mass, the discharge spring is charged by the triboelectric effect, and the toner, sticking to the spring, inevitably reduces the discharge section, I call it "cotton candy effect" .. lol, we have several mp4000 units around, which mount old frames, but do not print as continuously as that customer with the mp4002 I know you knew, I write it for beginners who eventually follow this forum