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    Re: Scanner Gmail on Ricoh MP C2550

    Quote Originally Posted by menosmola View Post
    1- im working remotely
    2- I have configured a thousand times the machines to send emails from gmail, but in this particular model it gives an credential error or stays in transmiting...
    3- Im emarrassing
    4- almost 20 years ads a field technician...
    Try setting the second dns to

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    Scanner Gmail on Ricoh MP C2550

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    Re: Scanner Gmail on Ricoh MP C2550

    Quote Originally Posted by slimslob View Post
    It does have SSL, you just have to install an appropriate site certificate. This is done by exporting the certificate from your browser then using WIM to import it to the C2550. The attached document will but is for older browser versions. Currently for Firefox Google Internet Authority is under GlobalSign not Equifax.

    The main problem is that the C2550 is too old to support TLS/StartTLS. This might help. It allows port 25 but does require that you install a site certificate for SSL. Send email from a printer, scanner, or app - Google Workspace Admin Help

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    This is news to me I thought it was mpc**01 and above but when I come across a old machine I will give it a go

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    Re: Scanner Gmail on Ricoh MP C2550

    Some older models have SSL support, but the ciphers are so weak now as to be useless. Without one to look at, I would guess the C2500 won't support anything higher than TLS 1.0, which has had most email providers stop support for. You'll be better off using some kind of local SMTP relay to wrap the emails with modern TLS support. My go-to is usually STunnel for this.

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