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    Re: SPC 252 sf Memory Overflow Error

    Quote Originally Posted by Lagonda View Post
    HI Debs, nice to know your still around.
    Can you give me a hint, where do you find locked print?
    Hi, I've recently come back on, I missed you being around

    Here is the page from the user manual on deleting locked prints
    Deleting locked prints sp252.jpg
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    SPC 252 sf Memory Overflow Error

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    Re: SPC 252 sf Memory Overflow Error

    Found it! Panic over everybody, problem solved. Stopped trying to print from a NUC running Open Office and printed from the laptop with MS Office and all went well.
    Thanks for your input everybody and nice to know I haven't been totally forgotten.
    Now I'm going to wander off into the sunset again and hope you lot keep working hard keeping the world of commerce running and paying your tax that helps fund my retirement. 😋
    Cheers, Phil
    At least 50% of IT is a solution looking for a problem.

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    Re: SPC 252 sf Memory Overflow Error

    Hey Phil good to see you around, keep calm and drive Mazda
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