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    Re: printer activation on a 4G network

    Hmm, I had a similar problem when I tried to connect Roku to WiFi . Roku did not perceive my internet distribution hotspot from the phone. I have tried different ways to solve this problem. I tried to diagnose the device through the Mobile Boost app, but it didn't help. I tried restarting the Roku and the phone, but it didn't help either. I contacted the Internet service provider, but they could not help me there. I bought a portable 4G modem using a SIM card and was able to solve my problem. It provides a good internet connection. Maybe this will help in your situation. It seems that such modems create a network that is an administrator. Maybe it's important for someone.

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    printer activation on a 4G network

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    Re: printer activation on a 4G network

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Bbb View Post
    My thread of 'only modem printer installation"

    printer installation only on modem

    isn't cold yet, and now a customer had a data cable broken (digging work outside) and ask to do a printer installation of her mpc2051 via her i-phone.
    Thank you (again) for you input.
    What about simply running a USB cable to her PC/Laptop? that will get her printing temporarily.

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