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    MP161 Unfinished jobs remaining

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    MP161 Unfinished jobs remaining

    Hello, I rarely ever work on ricohs. This one when originals are being scanned through doc feed to make copies it will just stop and say unfinnished jobs remaining. Sometimes you can just press the start button and it will finnish. Sometimes say if five copies left I have to press start button for each copy. Seeing if anyone has seen this? Thanks for any help on this.

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    MP161 Unfinished jobs remaining

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    Re: MP161 Unfinished jobs remaining

    Seems to me that would be the behavior if the default setting was set to Duplex.
    So if you are only copying a single page through the feeder, the machine is waiting for / expecting an additional page to copy onto the second side. I imagine that pressing the start button engages the scanner in order to finish the copy because the machine 'thinks" you are making the second side from an original placed on the platen, and you will have to repeat this over and over if you are making multiple copies.

    An easy test is to place at least 2 pages in the feeder, and make a copy. I'm betting you get a double-sided copy

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    Re: MP161 Unfinished jobs remaining

    I have seen similar with early martini. The original detect sensor would go flaky and think the last original had been fed. The feed table would lower, the switch would then see the rest of the stack and the table would lift back up. The operator would have to hit start to get it to resume but if doing stapled sets, it did not join the 2 or more groups. I have seen it with a bad sensor, bad soldier joint for the sensor connector and Ricoh had a bulletin out about the harness.

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