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    Pro C5300s Backgrounding

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    Pro C5300s Backgrounding

    I got c5300 that will lightly background the entire image. This time it's cyan, but has been other colors in the past. Volume is fairly low and it's well within PM on everything. We see a fine scattering of the offending color under an eye loop along with larger yellow dots which are probably the serial number tracer.
    Other techs say theyve seen machines do the same thing and a developer change solves the issue... and it does, but there's only 50k on this developer.
    Anybody else see this? Find a solution?
    73 DE W5SSJ

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    Pro C5300s Backgrounding

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    Re: Pro C5300s Backgrounding

    It would be better to have some sample photos, however I would not rule out problems in the pcdu cyan , firmware update?

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    Re: Pro C5300s Backgrounding

    I'd start by swapping the drum, charger and cleaning units between the colours to see if the fault moves with any of them. Failing that it will be a dev change I'm afraid.

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