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    Ricoh MP W2401 "Continually adds toner"

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping that someone might be able to suggest something here.
    I have a customer with an old MP W2401. I was looking at another one of their new machines, and they asked if I can look at it
    As soon as you turn it on, it shows "adding Toner" on the screen.
    It continues to do this until it times out.
    Toner cartridge is full, Dev unit is full to point of overflowing.
    Have cleaned ID sensor and corona units. Remade connectors on dev unit
    there is residual toner on the pcu, so may well need a blade too once we can get it working.

    Any advice much appreciated and gratefully received

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    Ricoh MP W2401 "Continually adds toner"

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    Re: Ricoh MP W2401 "Continually adds toner"

    The developer might be depleted. When that happens, the development roller does not properly write the ID patch for the sensor to read. Dump the current developer and start over. Remember, as a wide document printer it requires 2 bags of developer.

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    Re: Ricoh MP W2401 "Continually adds toner"

    If you hear a clicking noise it means that the bottles "flippers" are stuck and is not turning.Very common with this series. Make sure you can turn the left side of the bottle. You may just have a bad bottle. As far as the DV unit overflowing, unless you have some experience with this type of unit you may not know what the correct level is. Also if the drive belt for the Drum is shot you will get the same false add toner alarm. You can set the machine to bypass the ID sensor in the SP mode just in case the problem is with the ID sensor. This is a very basic machine as far as adding toner..The ID sensor checks the patch on the Drum and then adds toner if the patch is not dark enough.

    Good luck

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