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    Savin 9240/Aficio MP 4001SP- Web Image Monitor

    I was at an account earlier today trying to backup the address book on their 9240 so I could copy it to a new IM3500 with a postscript option. The 9240 has been there awhile.

    They have all Apples.

    I went to Chrome to put the ip address from the Printer configuration page and it wouldn't pop up on the computer. I think it had a couldn't find the page message. I thought maybe the IT person had some setting to prevent that from happening. But they were on the other side of the country and not working so not available. Eventually just punted and used the same IP address for the IM3500. I did print a page to the 9240. And later we printed 1 to the IM3500.

    IM3500 WIM also wouldn't pop up.

    I put their 9240 on our network and WIM appears like normal. I have their backup file now...

    Tried using Edge, didn't try Safari. Tried clearing the Chrome browser history. Entered the IP address with https in front of the numbers.

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    Re: Savin 9240/Aficio MP 4001SP- Web Image Monitor

    It's possible the MFP was on a separate VLAN where only the ports for printing are available to the network segment the computers are on. Many medium to large businesses are segmenting their equipment to better know what is on their network and to better protect different segments of equipment. I know one of the things I limit access to for most customers is the web interfaces since many of them are insecure and don't support modern versions of TLS. For some I make sure only a specific IP range can hit it, or a specific server: everything else is blocked from access.

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