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    Gestetner 3218 / Savin 9918DP SC2001 3003 Code


    I have a client with one of these dinosaurs and it is posting an error code for print and fax operations. At boot I get 3 beeps after the initial cycle and then a red printer error indicator lamp.

    When accessing print mode, it displays function error SC2001 call service and 3003.

    The unit copies fine, so it is either a board or config problem...Not sure if they had a power blip or what...according to the customer they just changed the toner and it died.

    The unit has a G3 fax modem and an ethernet print server in it...with my limited knowledge of the machine I was able to get into the service mode and print out the service summary...

    It shows 4 bit switches of 8 bits each that are all zeros...this looks suspect to me?

    Also shows system logging codes of 0005-0007.

    Options are listed as
    p-option :SIMMO NIC RAM 80MB DIMM=0MB
    e-option: MSU BANK1 Bypass.

    Any help or ideas? These guys are remote and on a budget, so having a tech come out is tough.



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    Gestetner 3218 / Savin 9918DP SC2001 3003 Code

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    2001 is a controller error. Disconnect the controller and reseat it first, then bury this pig!!!
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