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    Re: 3503 Ethernet Port Not working

    Make sure you have swapped a 3503 with another 3503, and not a 3003. The controllers are not interchangable.

    Double check that the BCU and controller serial numbers match, including upper-case, if not change it under Factory SP.

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    Re: 3503 Ethernet Port Not working

    Success!! Like i said i figured i was doing something wrong from the start but I swore it's what the manual told me

    I had been swapping boards but keeping the original NVRAM with that machine....when i just swapped everything including those NVRAM's after i input the serial number it finally worked.

    However now the serial number and counter is displaying as the parts machine i got the boards from....which i could care less about.

    Bottom line is the ethernet port is working and i'm back in business! Thanks so much for all your help, i've learned a lot going through this swap...turns out it was a hardware issue after all with that ethernet port.

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