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    Ricoh mp 4055 and mp3555 SP mode

    Hey all!
    I'm having trouble faxing with the ricoh MP 4055 and 3555 machines we have here at the office. We have a VOIP set up (using the Cisco ATA SPA122. These work in the other offices fine, but these two machines specifically get more traffic), and I want to lower the baud rate to 9600 and turn off the ECM for those machines. I can get into the SP mode, but im not sure where to go from there...I'd rather not have to call for service if I could just do it on my own. If anyone has any guidance it'd be much appreciated !

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    Ricoh mp 4055 and mp3555 SP mode

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    Re: Ricoh mp 4055 and mp3555 SP mode

    What we normally do is:

    Go into "Fax SP" and set the following bits:

    SP 1-105-002 (G3 SW 01) Bit 4 to "1". - Limits the DIS - block length to max of 4 bytes.

    SP 1-105-011 (G3 SW 0A) Bit 4 and 6 to "1". - Max allowable block interval when receiving image files.

    SP 1-105-003 (G3 SW 02) Bit 0 to "1". - Use only standard G3 protocols.

    SP 1-104-001 (COM SW 00) Bit 0 to "0" and Bit 2 to "0". - Deactivation of JBIG - encoding.

    SP 1-105-004 (G3 SW 03) Bit 2 to "0". Deactivation of V.8 protocols ("Super G3"/ sets max. to 14400 bps).

    The Following settings will have NO EFFECT on disconnects that happen prior to image (page data) transmission.
    The Following should only be done if connection is lost during image transmission (Phase C) and the above setting changes have not resolved the issue.

    If recommended by the plant operator, switch off ECM. Be careful because this might result in data loss, and only change this if the System admin requests this and that this change is done at own risk.

    SP 1-104-002 (COM SW 01) Bit 0 to "0".

    With some telephone systems it is necessary to fix the speed of the modem to 9600 bits.

    SP 1-105-006 (G3 SW 05) Bit 0 and 1 to "0"/ Bit 2 to "1" / Bit 3 to "0" (Tx)
    SP 1-105-007 (G3 SW 06) Bit 0 and 1 to "0"/ Bit 2 to "1" / Bit 3 to "0" (Rx)

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    Re: Ricoh mp 4055 and mp3555 SP mode

    End user, stay away from SP modes, pay for a tech to come and do it.

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