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    RICOH IM C4500 Fax question.


    I have an agency (remote) that is having a lot of trouble receiving faxes to their Ricoh. Eventually we are going to move them to an EFax system but for now I am just trying to get this thing working.

    It seems that when faxes are sent to the fax machine they sometimes get an Out of memory error. It sounds like it is coming up on the senders fax machine not ours however, from what I understand it is only an issue when they send to us.

    The Main Question.

    Can a memory issue on our side show an error on the sending fax?

    Our model has 2 Gig of memory and an 80 Gig HDD that the system information says is unused (100% free)

    Any information is helpful

    Thank you,

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    Re: RICOH IM C4500 Fax question.

    At the sender end, queuing up too many faxes without allowing time for the one already in queue to be sent results in "Out of memory" messages.

    At the receiving end, too many faxes waiting to print results in "Out of Memory" messages and may give a send error at the sender that the fax fail due to insufficient memory. Usually happens when the receive machine is set to use only tray and that tray is out of paper.

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