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    AB Copiers


    I NEED HELP IN TWO AREAS OF THIS PRINTER a)How to cancel [out of paper] when printing with the computer when there\'s paper in cassettes,prints ok if i use menu to configuration page. b)Is there any way to increase the temperature for using special paper (thicker) in this type of printer? in photographic paper 24lb thick the solid color images rubb off when making multiplepages after about the fourth page. Thanks guys you\'ve being very helpful to me in the past.

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    Cancelling paper can be done at the printer with job reset, or the job can be forced to another tray with the form feed button.You will get red light paper errors for paper size and or paper type mismatches from the print driver to the printer. Example don\'t use autopaper select and photo paper if the printer does not have a tray programed for photo paper the same size that the job wants, like 8.5x11 or 11x8.5. Your easiest bet for fusing isues is to set up for thick paper not photo, and try from the bypass tray. If your trying to do 8x10 glossy\'s this isn\'t the printer do much of that. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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