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    Question Samsung 4080fx wrinkling envelopes from bypass tray

    I have a customer whom is trying to feed #10 envelopes from the bypass tray of a Samsung 4080fx and they are getting creases/wrinkles on almost everyone. They dont know who makes the envelopes or specs. The manuals don't specifically say #10 size are supported from bypass however they fall within size specification. They are supported from the regular trays however the customer doesn't want to load out paper every time the need to print an envelope........ The manuals also touch on need for the glue of the envelope flap to meet specification but its becoming a hassle to track down that info from the manufacturer's. Im thinking as the envelope hits the fuser its sealing on the lead edge and in doing this its wrinkling as it passes through. THE ACTUAL QUESTION!! Is there a known size#10 envelope that doesn't have this issue or at least occurs less often? I can't find anything online for specifically the SamSung 4080fx.. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Samsung 4080fx wrinkling envelopes from bypass tray

    There's is most likely nothing wrong with the printer. Envelopes with glue should never be fed through laser printers. If customer doesn't know spec of the envelope, then just max the settings so that it feeds at the slowest speed, this will reduce the likelyhood of jams.

    Customer should stop feeding random shit into a mfp and expecting it to be able to print on it. Manufacturers massively over-estimate the specification on their devices, because at the end of the day unless its their specific brand of paper or envelope or the specific brand at the time they tested this in their lab, its not their problem, its the envelope or paper manufacturers problem. I've seen devices say they are capable of 300gsm, and several different brands of 250gsm paper, won't feed properly, because they buckle at the turn due to having an inflexible grain.

    On the converse print media manufacturers don't give 2 shits about your printer problems. They will say "laser suitable" self seal envelopes, or "laser suitable" labels, and use so poor quality adhesive, that by the end of your printer run, you've got more adhesive sticking to the fuser roller than you have on the back of the label.

    If you don't think its a feed issue, and its a temperature problem, the best you can do apart from trial and error hundreds of different brands of envelopes, is to lower the fuser temperature.

    If the whole envelope is wrinkled, then I would suggest removing the head which contains the adhesive, and just printing on the mainbody. If that tests okay, you've confirmed its an adhesive problem, if that its wrinkled you know its a feed issue. I would suspect if the whole evenelope is wrinkled that its a feed issue. A very simple test for any media type, is can you roll the paper up. If you can't, then you need a flat feed printer. If you can, then the difficulty will determine how easy it will feed on different devices.

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