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    HP MFP 432fdn (Samsung 4070) garbage printing

    I have an HP LJ MFP 432fdn that prints garbage non stop. The device is connected to a Windows 11 computer (with the lastest updates installed as of today). So far the following have been tried
    • Disabled device status checks in driver
    • Removed Driver and installed updated driver
    • Tried other drivers, including the Samsung 4070 Driver
    • Upgraded firmware
    • Reset the device and format the SD Card
    • Replaced the SD Card
    • Replaced the Main PCB

    That is to name just a few. The only thing that we can say for sure at this moment is that it is isolated to Windows 11 systems, as previous versions of Windows does not do this, and it only appears to be when the device is connected by USB cable. When connected via network this problem does not appear, but the customer does not have a network. It is a site office with a single computer.

    We've also noted that you do not even have to have drivers installed for this problem to occur. we tested this on a laptop that was reset to factory defaults... within seconds of the USB cable being connected the copier will start printing garbage.

    Most of the times the first page that prints will contain the following text, but it does vary.

    GET /DevMgmt/ProductStatusDyn.xml HTTP/1.1
    HOST: localhost

    From what I can make out of this is that Windows is sending some sort of status update request to the machine which it doesnt understand and then starts to print the garbage.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Re: HP MFP 432fdn (Samsung 4070) garbage printing

    When you install a device via USB it will run on different drivers to if you install it via Network.
    Solution is to install the printer to customer computer via network cable directly and add device manually on the IP address it provides (loopback range).

    Adding devices via USB on later version of Windows is a hassle, because Windows is shit, and will often just revert back to the generic IPP drivers, or randomly stop seeing the device and then proceed to crap itself.

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