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    Re: Standby noise Bizhub 227

    Exactly, when changing the paper dust remover you have to stick your hand into the filthy beast ;)

    I have a customer that uses them heavily and they arent suited for high volume it just makes the...
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    Re: Standby noise Bizhub 227

    the old bw minolta engines used to periodically rotate the drum to stop the blade welding to it or damaging the drum surface. It may be doing something similar. It could also be the fuser drive...
  3. Re: Konica Minolta c554e Print quality issues

    before installing the new developing unit, make sure to vacuum all the suction ports at the back of the machine and replace the toner filter. Also replace the relevent drum unit of the stripped...
  4. Re: Konica Minolta Bizhub C364e slit scan glass clean error.

    Quite often this issue can result from the timing of the cleaning brush being incorrect.

    IF its parking at any other position than where its fully white it will cause this error. The little belts...
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    Re: Skill for DF-628

    2 biggest issues with the 628 / 624 is the pre-read photo sensor black pad getting white with paper dust and causing 66-05 jams (also affects df-701) and the other issue is the duplex mylar - any gap...
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    Poll: Re: What age group are you in?

    Other than the first 3 months straight out of high school working on commercial refrigeration, I've worked on printers/copiers the entire time from 18 to 39. I don't get how the 50+ guys can still do...
  7. Another mildly interesting jam today - FS-537 J-7222 top output tray

    On the virtually never used top output tray.

    Its never worked from delivery - the customer never used it so didnt care.

    Today I had a moment and disovered why.

    How ridiculous.

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    Re: C250i going offline and noisy

    Regarding the i series machines with sleep disorders and constant waking - I have experienced that the additional grounding strap does not solve it 100%, It does greatly reduce it but it still...
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    Re: Recovering meter readings C364e

    What is this serial hack you speak of?

    I am intrigued

    I have seen the console mode through the serial port once activated and noticed you can abort the automatic boot proceedure and log...
  10. Re: E series rebooting problem. Who's dealing with it?

    The rules around these ssd's has indeed changed, before we had to even return the old ones as part of the process. Now the used ones can just go in the trash. I guess the machines are old enough now...
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    Re: I-series colors off at install

    I series did introduce more vibrant colour palet aparently - it can be disabled and there is a bulletin on it somewhere.

    It was mentioned to change it back if the customer prefers the printed...
  12. Mildly interesting jam today on a C287 - J7543

    Slightly interesting occurances like this make this otherwise dull job a little more tollerable.

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    Re: Which rolls do you prefer to use?

    I am fitting the pink A64 clippy rollers to everything that can take them as I dont want to carry a million different roller types.

    Unfortunately my OCD doesnt allow me to fit them to the 958...
  14. Re: “Bug in the firmware” c360i C5620 / C9401 /J6608

    indeed, but this is not the most ridiculous thing I've seen at schools - honestly I dont mind them they are the least stressfull customer you can have. Machines are always replaced with brand new at...
  15. Re: “Bug in the firmware” c360i C5620 / C9401 /J6608

    Previous clown that attended site put this fw on all the machines, no idea where he got it from as I don't have it either.
  16. Re: “Bug in the firmware” c360i C5620 / C9401 /J6608

    Same here - this is what I installed and it no longer did it.
  17. Re: "Original left on glass" message on a km C360

    Original left on glass is a known issue on some C360i series.

    The orignal glass scanning adjustments were not done correctly at the factory and the ccd is seeing the edge of the glass.

    Its not...
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    Re: Konica Minolta C364e- Blank print outs

    Every single time i’ve seen this, and its been many - it was the HV board.

    Ensure the new one is not also destroyed by ensuring there are no hv shorts.

    Ie developer contaminated 2nd transfer...
  19. “Bug in the firmware” c360i C5620 / C9401 /J6608

    About 98% of what i do is education, so my experiences will differ to business use.

    In any case a school teacher found a bug in the older GW5-75 firmware.

    She had 2 sheets glued together and...
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    [Error Code] Re: Machine Model C284e - C-FA14

    Hard drive may be failing too.
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    Re: bizhub 808, J32-05 only on duplex

    Some early 958 series machines had the flap adjusted incorrectly at the factory 5mm too low causing frequent duplex jams, most prevalent with damp paper.

    You can compare the new assembly to the...
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    Re: Anyone familiar with the BH 25e ?

    Just a closure to this thread - I ended up finding the muratec parts manual, found the door interlock - showed the customer in email.

    They glued a fin extension onto the door itself and the...
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    Re: Anyone familiar with the BH 25e ?


    I'm not sure about that one, this is the one we sold - They were never sold in all markets and KM themselves left it up to each region to decide if they wanted to sell them. They are a...
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    Anyone familiar with the BH 25e ?

    I've never seen them anywhere before except a customer I have on a remote island with 5 of them I cant even get to for obvious reasons.

    The issue is it keeps saying the side door is open (the...
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    Re: paper wrinkles in konica minolta c452

    these crusty old machines used to do that when page volumes got high and transport rollers diameters shrunk but it was always on A3. C451 series was worse for it. You can play with tray loop settings...
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