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  1. Re: Advice on taking on an IR ADV C5045i

    The only thing to worry about is the hopper seals. lol Push in the shutter and grab the seal with some curved needle nose pliers and rip out the seal.
    I have two machines I have had to rip out...
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    Re: Irc5550 rotation

    You could do that or program a LTR size in Mode Memory.
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    Re: SMB scanning for ADV C5051

    Yes They solved all that with an update.
  4. Looking for ld540c Lanier Service Manual

    Does anyone have a link or source? TIA. :confused:
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    [Electrical] Re: Made in Japan drums for GPR 15

    Phil that's a big stretch from Plastic or steel frame drums but hey we need a good laugh around here. :D OK so it seems that that GPR 15 drum does have blade noise. That really sucks because the...
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    [Electrical] Re: Made in Japan drums for GPR 15

    Gentleman... It is a known fact that dealers nationwide are slamming Aft C5000 drums into units without blades...2 times. Plastic Drums Only! Its Like I said, powdered up drum replacement with a...
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    [Electrical] Re: Made in Japan drums for GPR 15

    :D You are a funny guy. The reason why I think i can get somewhere with this is from the C5000 Series. Those aft drums make too much HVT noise in the fast models. Runable for me in the two slower...
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    [Electrical] Made in Japan drums for GPR 15

    I hate to ask this. Not many of us like these aft. Mark parts. but I had a 15 drum that was like new and scratched by a low level situation. I remembered there were some " long Life Made in Japan "...
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    [Error Code] Re: E008-0001

    From the Ir210 to the IRC4080 we have not been able as tech to replace these belts. I have not been intimate with this certain machine.
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    Re: Scan to Email via 365 - Now blocked

    Yammer retiring support for TLS 1.0\1.1

    This message post is a reminder of the ongoing progress of retiring TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols in Microsoft 365.

    As previously...
  11. Canon Image Runner Parts Machines - MISC Parts

    Parts machines are in the warehouse for 1435if ir3025 ir3480 irc5030 irc5051
    No drum parts. Fusers maybe a possibility in general the rest of the machine is available.

    I will respond to any...
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    [Error Code] E025-0001 Magenta Problem C3380

    This can be a pain to solve but was an easy fix this time. There was no soiling of the sensors.

    Drum toner port is packed. Magenta drum gear doesnt want to turn. rocked it and got it moving...
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    [Error Code] Re: C5250 ITB Unit Rebuild or Replace ?

    Yeah I have some C5000 series that have been really stable around the ITB. I know the error well though and all the info on it.
    This one is in a high use office so I am hoping it will be killed....
  14. [CQ] Re: Lexmark CX922de Colors All Jacked up....

    Wow On the small machines you can put the dev units in wrong and get this kind of result. Cx517. Dont get distracted!
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    [Error Code] C5250 ITB Unit Rebuild or Replace ?

    So I got a fresh 300k unit that got a new Belt about a year ago for e075. Its funny but I also have a C5045 with 325 K and have not had to touch that one. It was the updated version with ITB Improve...
  16. Re: Error 315-500 accompanied by an error 743 on IRa6255

    I had a E315 on C5051 Scanning mirrors and glasses were cleaned and a full setup was done on the scanner. White scans and all. GONE
  17. Re: IR3245i 010A jam code PS4A reversal sensor at beginning of job

    Keep in mind that if problems keep happening esp if using the optional fax output tray on the right side...our office has had to change the whole 3 way unit to stop it. I have seen someone take it...
  18. Re: C5240A Color and black drum specs along the top and bottom

    Machine is Lab room clean All Genuine toners.

    Whole engine is 40k black 11k color

    Genuine OEM toner

    what is the condition of the belt cleaner? Excellent.

    After scrubbing the drum...
  19. [Misc] Canon 3480 with Message Printer is warming up after new drum / drums?

    After the new drum is put in it is constant Printer is warming up message. Fuser is dead and getting colder. So I have to put the old drum back in to get it working.

    This happened on a machine...
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    [Error Code] Re: Error 001-000 Canon 5045

    Wow E001 After a new fuser. Try a new Fixing drive or at least the updated drive gear shaft. There was a tech pub on this and I updated several to the new shaft that drives the fuser unit. The...
  21. C5240A Color and black drum specs along the top and bottom

    This is the second take over machine I have run into this problem with less than 10k on the color meter and less than 45 on the black meter.
    The drums have a new or newish appearance.

    On the...
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    Re: become canon tech or not?

    I would consider another line of work if i had to transfer from Canon to another brand. Esp if not a market leader.
  23. [Error Code] Canon 3480 cannot email after move to new office and new ISP

    C3480 has been trying to work with Gmail and the new ISP telephone DSL company. I was getting 802 with the phone company and using the IP address in the SMTP field. Office DNS and their DNS, the ISP...
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    Re: Canon IR AdV 8295 HDD

    NWRS Repair
  25. Re: Which SMB version support by Canon C5200 series.

    Yes and since then....How to Stop SMBv1 Ransomware Attacks - SpamTitan The flaw has been patched and buried, buried for years now and one can simply add the feature when needed. I don't work at the...
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