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  1. Xerox DC 242 - All Parts for Sale, Fiery RIP, IBT Assy, Ros, Trays, Developers, Drums

    Hey Guys, Just de-commissioned and stripped a Xerox DC242 that had only done 300k, all parts available on this store site Used Copier Parts
    Happy to negotiate on all prices, everything fully...
  2. Re: Part request for Xerox 700 AC Power Supply 105E17901

    Did you get this sorted? I have a DC242 just de-commissioned and i'm thinking if you could send a photo can have a quick look and see if the PSU is the same
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    Re: Wanted Xerox 700 Paper Tray

    Hey There, I have just de-commissioned and stripped down a complete DC242, pretty sure they Tray 1 and Tray 2 pieces you after will work in the DC700.
    Send me a photo of the actual part you want and...
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