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  1. Re: Kyocera Fs-2100dn unable to connect to PC

    Good advice and it points to the problem with USB in that every time you plug in you may get a different USB port number and have to change the driver to match.

    It's OK for dedicated connections...
  2. [Misc] Re: USB Host on Kyocera Taskalfa series

    They are under a cover behind the operation panel. There is a small USB hub.

    In the SM, look for the instructions to install a Keyboard or Card Authentication kit (Installation 2-28):

    Flip Op...
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    Re: Ta 6052ci scan color way off

    Not much but color theory is a bugger much less where and how it takes place in each manufacturers machines, but for Kyocera the color tables are to modify the print output and do not effect...
  4. Re: Add more edge erase on printing? 8353ci

    Hardware classes are so short they canít go into any Prescribe. There is a class for Prescribe but itís mostly the filter/forms stuff and not about PDLís. Prescribe is just another PDL I picked up...
  5. Re: Add more edge erase on printing? 8353ci

    U402-5 should be labeled erase margins so it would explain why they do not effect the Print image position.

    Use 24lb paper to reduce jamming on high coverage.

    You don't have to worry about...
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    Re: 307ci Printing Random characters

    Depending on how many clients your are talking about, you can set up the IP filters on the device. You have to enter each IP which will be allowed to access the device. For printing via a server,...
  7. Re: 8353ci keep having to do dev refresh every so often

    Set Maintenance Mode to 325 'ON' and change the Mode setting to '2'. This will force a mini refresh occasionally during operation (according to KDC engineer)
  8. Re: Add more edge erase on printing? 8353ci

    Permanent, well yes but only effects jobs without a margin command. It is a default Print Environment setting which can be over-ridden by Print driver instructions. the only way to get around this is...
  9. Re: Add more edge erase on printing? 8353ci

    Margins are defined by the Application or the Driver and you need to define them there.

    Machine settings are ignored as long as margin definitions are being sent.

    If you want to try the...
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    Re: Macro Software Like PlanetPress

    Planet Press is the sh!t but probably overkill for some ERP output (No intelligence there). It's like driving a Mercedes and everything else is a Volkswagon.

    Who you gonna call though? As you have...
  11. FTC votes to fight back against right to repair restrictions

    FTC votes to fight back against right to repair restrictions | Engadget
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    Re: Stupid Pinpoint Scan question

    Yes they must match. The PC installation files, when extracted, usually contain the MFP .pkg file appropriate to that version.

    The FS-8525 is supported under version 3, however it may not be a...
  13. Re: MPC3003 and Using Kerberos Authentication for Scan to File

    Helpful to know the OS you're dealing with but let's clear up some misunderstanding about what you are after.

    Typically (as you have found) an MFP's settings referring to NTLM vs Kerberos are seen...
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    Re: Kyocera 2554ci brand code

    NP, went through the same thing on my first one because the service manual has all the steps but no code:rolleyes:
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    Re: m3550idn firmware issue

    You didn't say what happens when you boot the machine after trying to load FW but that might help identify other related factors. There is a known issue around data in the device but it results in...
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    Re: Kyocera 2554ci brand code

    You are missing Tech Bull #1, it is buried on Pg 32

    Kyocera Brand code: 111111
    Copystar Brand Code: 999999
  17. Re: eco p3150 continuing image quality problem

    Good to know. The SM comments are more along the lines of atmospheric effects where humidity effects charging and DV bias. They (japanese engineers) generally don't get that specific on paper...
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    Re: Portable AC unit leaking water

    Floor Water Sensor for Flood and Leak Detection (6 ft) - -

    Peace of Mind - Water detection alarm
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    Re: M3145 C0800

    First thing to understand about C0800 is that the jam is not significant. The device pre-stages paper at the REG roller while the imaging system is stabilizing.

    If the system fails to establish...
  20. Re: eco p3150 continuing image quality problem

    Great observation on the moisture content, what device did you use to measure it? I have been looking into the standard 'Wood/Paper' moisture meter with 2 electrodes (resistive) but they start pretty...
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    Re: m3550idn firmware issue

    Wait, is that the Turbo? No one uses turbo so I didn't recognize it. So you are basically saying defeat the turbo skip rather than DL the full FW? That confused me as usually we only mod FW for...
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    [Misc] Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 181 account id

    Pretty old and I do not remember the login for this unit.

    2 things to try:
    1) Go to System Menu,then find Job Accounting/User Login. Login using Device Admin code or userame:Admin ,...
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    Re: m3550idn firmware issue

    Not really, you rename the DL-CTRL.2NM file to KM-EMRG.2NM and this will handle the SKIP operation. ES_SKIP is no longer seen direclty in firmware files for this model.

    However this is generally...
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    Re: CS 5002i loud noise

    U155 Toner Sensor Output-> Calibration (You will need an empty bottle)

    Of course read the thread and address all the issues noted, mostly ensure the weight detection spring hasn't fallen off and...
  25. Re: eco p3150 continuing image quality problem

    Do you mean you changed the media type to Thick and used 20lb because this is the type of test I was posting about earlier in the thread, but fuser temp is not the only thing that gets changed.
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