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    Re: C-3110, E-304 and E-301...

    Something just came to me. Does there network have POE (Power Over Ethernet)? If so, make sure that they have it turned OFF on the port that the copier is connected to. In rare cases, even this...
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    [Misc] Re: Konica Minolta C258 custom paper tray seting

    If that is correct for switch 10, it's one that the OP may want to change back, as now it will always report a different brand and model of machine in the web interface, on all reports, etc. And from...
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    Re: C3110, E-304 and E-301...


    It sounds like I wasn't the only one that thought that was a service code. I had to search before I found out that it was the actual model. Just commenting, I have no useful info for the...
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    [Jamming] Re: Jamming at exit

    With a machine that old, it could be a lot of different things. Lets start with, what is the jam code?

    Just speculation here, but if you are saying that the C451 doesn't have a finisher, and that...
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    Re: Konica Minolta bizhub C360 - Paper Jam 11-01

    I agree. In my 8-years working with KM, I have only ever replaced a set of oneway bearings once, and that was when I first started out. The machine probably didn't need them, but I was inexperienced...
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    [Dead] Re: Konica Minolta C360i

    Would you mind sending this via PM please?

    One of our techs had to do this about a month ago. He doesn't remember how to get to the point where you can do it any longer, but even if he...
  7. Re: Printing everything with Yellow Background

    Anther thought, is the drum near or over life for the yellow?
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    Re: Better than I had hoped.

    The copier needs a value to base it's toner to developer mixture calculations off of. In an ideal world this value should always be the same, but unfortunately that is not the case. Developer...
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    Re: Bizhub C652 - 1102 Jams

    And to answer your question on this dead thread, no, that is a one way bearing, not a gear.
    Based on the description in the post you quoted, the "gear" you are looking for is a spring clutch. If you...
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    Re: Bizhub C364e Jam Code: 20-02

    Just click the words, "Attachment 28327" in the post you quoted. It is a link, and clicking it should download the PDF attachment you are after. I just tried it and it worked for me.
  11. Re: Bizhub c224e problem "Serial number must be entered" -> "TPM Chip has been change

    1) Figure out what battery is in it, buy one.
    2) Remove the circuit board from copier.
    3) Make use of your excellent soldering skills.
    4) Reinstall board.
    5) Follow instructions from an earlier...
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    [Misc] Re: Bizhub C258 paper matching size error

    It's definitely not a PC issue. As you can see in the picture, the copier has no idea what paper size is in either tray (the ??? on the tray). The first steps of troubleshooting this has already been...
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    Re: Konica Minolta C308 - Cyan issue

    Have you confirmed that the shutter on the bottom of the hopper assembly is opening when the dev unit is inserted?
    Have you verified that the hopper is actually turning and attempting to add toner...
  14. Re: Documentation USB Drive Updated to version 16

    Most people these days have moved on from easily tracked Torrents, and went even further back in time, back to UseNet.
    Don't ask how I know, 'cause I won't tell you. :cool: One thing I can tell you...
  15. Re: Documentation USB Drive Updated to version 16

    Here is a post I did on this last month. Not sure if it will be of any help to you...
    KM Documentaion USB Drive
  16. Re: Documentation USB Drive Updated to version 16

    There are lots of ways to share huge files. Even something as old-school as torrents would work.

    And just in case someone doesn't know what that is:
    Torrent file - Wikipedia
  17. Re: Konica Minolta C284e firmware Installation problem

    Yup, the one you were trying to use was for the B&W models. Notice the "C" is missing from the front of each model #. Glad to know that Synthohol got you the correct link.
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    Re: Konica C220 print quality problem

    C220 has separate dev and drum.
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    Re: Konica C220 print quality problem

    You will need to do both, including K dev unit. Replacing just the K drum won't get your developer back, which is now sitting in your waste toner box, along with the developer from the last dev unit.
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    Re: Bizhub C650 Firmware

    Just going to throw this out here. The odds of firmware fixing your current issue, or even the issue you had before you went blindly digging around, is slim to none.

    So, let's start with some...
  21. Re: BIZHUB C224 missing "Store address" tab in the web interface

    Passwords general don't change on their own. I guess I'd also have to wonder how you were able to change the service password back if that was changed. It's not an easy task to accomplish unless you...
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    Re: Konica C220 print quality problem

    Just to add yet another +1 for the K dev unit. Make sure K drum isn't over life as well, replace if it is.
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    Re: IP Address no Op Panel

    Was just about to make the same comment. We had (and still have) quite a few of these out in the field. I'd guess probably around 30 to 35 of these total over the years, and have never had a single...
  24. Re: Bizhub C3350 vertical lines in the center of the printed page

    The lines seem to vary in width, so my guess is the Trans Belt not getting cleaned properly. Remove and check to see if something is caught in the cleaning blade / unit. Clean it out if there is, and...
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    Re: Biz C224e misfeed

    If you want to get technical, they do come out of the factory like that. The metal shafts are not perfectly smooth from the factory, they have fine grooves in them from being turned in a metal lathe...
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