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  1. The e9 firmware and marketplace screensaver saga

    Anyone worked out a method of having the marketplace active but without the screensaver?
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    Re: C458 - scan to email

    Say it isnít so!

    thereís hundreds if not thousands of mfdís using gmail 😂
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    Re: C360i series Fan motor 3

    exactly the code, and its the big fan that blows up and over the cpu.

    The older fan part numbers wont work as they will be 3 wire.

    these new 4 wire fans have permanent 12v supplied and...
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    C360i series Fan motor 3

    be warned this is a 4 wire fan and nothing like previous generations.

    When it blows, the machine cant be used till its replaced.

    Part number: AA2JM10500

    Today, luckily had a written off...
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    Re: C364e or C368?

    8 series all the way.

    I roll my eyes every time i see a job for an e series nowadays because its never simple. It’s always going to be seconds from disaster and have multiple other issues. They...
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    Re: Red smudge in scan

    replace the entire flat bed scanner from a decent scrap machine - itís actually not as hard as it looks.

    just make sure its a decent one before you take it there and lock the optics with the...
  7. C224, C658 & C360i transfer belts are all interchangeable

    the old top metal plate just needs to be swapped over to the brand new belt (of any colour type) and I also fit the matching new claw that came with the new belt.

    This was probably already common...
  8. [Misc] Re: Konica Minolta Bizhub c458 Printing problem

    yep looks pretty screwed alright.

    I'd hazard a guess at one of the ram chips going bad on the mfp board.

    Do all the memory tests complete ok ?
  9. Re: c654 Updated Fuser Parts Diagram Request

    that manual looks pretty old - the current version has all the cleaning section bits available and also even the entire half of the fuser with pressure roller. I change this at times if the heating...
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    [Misc] Re: High Durability BK Drum DR315K


    That improved pcr cleaning setup is already on the dr314 for the 8e bk models, in comparison with the regular dr313k those long life drums just fail at half life in my experience.

    It might...
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    Re: iSeries drum life

    they dont last life in dusty environments.

    I changed a black drum yesterday at 51% life on a c360i at a minesite with black lines on print
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    8 series toner ok in i series?

    caps can be swapped just wondering if anyone has tried with no issues yet?

    c308, c458 etc toner being used in c300i is exactly the situation im looking at
  13. Re: Konica minolta bizhub 284e keeps jamming in the third tray (Error 20-21)

    in sensor check see if the vertical transport sensor is actually functional in tray 3.

    For some reason its always tray 3 that has the pins of this sensors connector get oxidised in environments...
  14. C250i tick tick tick at idle demo and cause

    brand new machine out of the box.

    Can save a lot of time by simply slipping the belt off and spinning the coupling in both directions by hand. If the noise is there...
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    Re: Black drums used as color

    definitely the case on the older corona drum charge versions like e series, but 8 series on with pre-charge roller i rarely see them make it to 100%, usually start failing with anything less than 10%...
  16. Re: Broken C250i operator panel + paper exit noise

    Just yesterday in 2 BRAND NEW machines out of the box I changed fusing drive assemblies.

    One was screaming every time the fuser was rotated at slow idle after printing or during warmup.

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    Re: Office365 email scan

    Side note, I see you are in PNG, I was just there for 3 weeks :cool:

    With the office 365 scanning you can use the direct send method with no authentication at all, but some settings need to be...
  18. Re: High pitch whine from bizhub C308 when printing/copying

    high pitch noise from fusing area on c308 series is almost always the fusing drive assembly. It can be the exit clutch or any number of the gears forgotten to be lubricated at their shafts from the...
  19. Re: Bizhub C308 weird color registration/ print head problem

    Anyone else has this problem with minced up colour image which can also spread across multiple pages - I've seen it plenty.

    It can also accompany the 9202 blank pages jam.

    Removing and...
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    Re: bizhub c300i jam tray 1

    make sure its not the cassette itself - i have seen straight out of the box from new damage to the very top edge of the mylar at the rhs of the cassette. Not even visible to the eye but can be felt...
  21. Re: Bizhub C-368, CD-011 hard drive code...

    in the firmware listings in service mode check if sata controller is version 03 or 04. if its 03 update it with the special firmware. Very well known issue on early version machines.

    I've never...
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    Re: C554e K hopper moter not working.

    You can open the door at the top of the hopper and if its empty of toner, have a look at the level actuator inside - its not at all uncommon for it to come off the post at the rear inside the hopper....
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    Re: C-658, ratcheting noise...

    I've had this part of the fuser incorrectly assembled straight out of the factory making this racket.

    Pulling this section apart isn't for the novice tech btw its quite fiddly, for such techs i...
  24. Re: Is it ok to use C368 K toner in a C458?

    yeah this is an old favourite i used to do with the various e series machines. I discovered on the D3 region bottles theres only 1 thin fin blocking the c308 and c458 toners being interchangeable....
  25. Re: Is it ok to use C368 K toner in a C458?

    In the AP, D3 region, the C458 and C308 toners are all blocked from going in the wrong machine by only 1 fin, the fin at the reset board. This is just cut off at the base then the toner slides in as...
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