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    Re: 6053ci Print issue

    Try this original:
  2. Re: Toshiba 5055c keeps jamming but no paper is there.

    The E061 is a paper size mismatch from tray #1. Either the paper size does not match the size programmed, or very rarely you can get this code if the separation roller has a flat.

    The E190 is from...
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    [Misc] Re: 6002i dropping developer


    I had a 3252ci that the only symptom was jamming ... first from tray #1, then from trays #1 & #2. I had noticed a bit of grit in the trays. I cleaned it up and the rollers, and it worked fine...
  4. Re: Toshiba 5055c keeps jamming but no paper is there.

    If you provide a jam code, I may be able to offer something useful. =^..^=
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    [Dead] Re: Toshiba E-Studio 203L D.E.A.D.

    We haven't been able to get new HDDs of this type for 5 years or more. I agree on the recycling.

    It'll make a great doorstop. =^..^=
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    [Error Code] Re: Kyocera ecosys m3645 jam9120

    I know of another tech with a similar issue on a Polaris2 that ended up replacing the DF assembly for this issue. Swapping DF's moved the issue to another machine in the office. =^..^=
  7. Re: We have a daily joke, how about industry pictures?

    They got quite a lot of the yellow toner "into" the machine ... just not the cartridge.
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    [Links] Re: Quotable quotes

    Noor: She laughed and shook her head. "This is crazy."
    Jacob Portman: "It always is. You'll get used to it."

    Ransom Riggs, "The Map Of Days"
  9. Re: Statement size paper on IM C4500 and MP C4504

    Most MFP's won't take statement LEF. Typically it's ~8" minimum length (A5 I think, 210mm). Maybe you can set up a custom paper size in the print driver?

  10. Re: General question regarding intentionally poor print quality.

    Wrong toner would definitely be interesting ... but messy, and hard to clean up after.
  11. Re: LaserJet M553dn with a squealing transfer belt

    There's an issue like this on some of the Toshiba color boxes: the older Denali 281C series and Masherbrum 2830C series, and some of the Weisshorns, 2555C series, 2505AC series, and 2515AC series....
  12. Re: c654 and c650 finisher output tray going to the floor.

    Nice counterweight. =^..^=
  13. Re: General question regarding intentionally poor print quality.

    IIRC, this machine has a CIS with lens array stuck onto it, no "lens" like you'd think of it. But you could get it dirty. =^..^=
  14. Re: General question regarding intentionally poor print quality.

    I haven't seen one of these in a very long time ... but when you remove the toner cartridge you should see the developing roller with an even coating of toner on it. The drum will be clean. Anybody...
  15. Re: General question regarding intentionally poor print quality.

    If your Canon is mono-compunent, and I suspect it is, you could make some fingerprints on the developing cylinder. Mono-component machines will do something called "mottling" when the toner is...
  16. Re: eco p3150 continuing image quality problem

    Have you replaced the primary charge unit? I've noticed that after a while the rubber seal on the primary charge unit will "charge up" and attract paper dust and toner, then drag it over the drum....
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    [CQ] Re: Lexmark Cs-410 White Void

    The variation in density implies a charge related issue. How about the black drum unit?
  18. Thread: MFC-L3750

    by blackcat4866

    Re: MFC-L3750

    Is it networked? Maybe there's more useful information on the web interface. =^..^=
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    bizhub C3351 J11-02

    The best part: It only jams in the bottom 1/3 of the tray!

    Please try to excuse my Paint illustrations.
    When the tray is full it feeds fine. As the paper is consumed the paper lifts, and the...
  20. Re: HP Designjet XL 3600DR PS Service Manual

    Another cross-off:
    The Pinches Assembly (formed aluminum frame with ~150 star wheels) is not warped, and raises and lowers appropriately in service mode. I suspect that the pinches assembly is too...
  21. Re: Kyocera 2 and 3 Series Separation rollers.

    The Kyocera black rollers can last less than 100K depending on the model. But most of the Kyocera rollers are exactly the same size as those KM rollers. And the ribbed pickup roller works nicely...
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    Re: "Free Copier" causing aggravation

    This is a relatively common situation. Somebody picks up the finisher by the trays, and it ratchets to the top of its travel. Often it's as simple as removing a cover and manually driving the tray...
  23. [Dead] Re: HP Neverstop Laser 1001NW "won't turn on"

    In situations like this I try to talk the enduser out of the call. Odds are that 1 hour labor won't get them any closer to a working machine. Just bad news, and a bill.
  24. [Dead] Re: HP Neverstop Laser 1001NW "won't turn on"

    Are there any of the typical outputs from the power supply board? 5vdc, +12vdc. -12vdc, 24vdc?n Any blown fuses? Can you live measure voltages to/from the fuses?

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    Re: 6551ci printing issue

    Congratulations on your success. =^..^=
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