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  1. Re: Kyocera 3645 not grabbing an IP address.

    Wireshark it
  2. Re: Ricoh PCL 6 UNiversal: "Preferences" versus "Defaults"

    Really, how do you get that from the OP question:

    Both dialogues look exactly the same, but the can contain different settings.
    What's the difference? What is used when?

    Dude changed his...
  3. Re: Ricoh PCL 6 UNiversal: "Preferences" versus "Defaults"

    As Ken aptly pointed out, if you use a Postscript driver, its .ppd no matter the platform. I included it with the more PCL centered .gpd for completeness.

    Of course V4 driver options flow from...
  4. Re: Ricoh PCL 6 UNiversal: "Preferences" versus "Defaults"

    Well I think you are mis-understanding the point. The existence of them is not dictated by the driver, but what appears there is.

    Where else would it come from? You need to understand .gpd and...
  5. Re: Ricoh PCL 6 UNiversal: "Preferences" versus "Defaults"

    I would suspect the difference you are seeing is due to the Universal Driver and the fact that it is not a model specific driver. It doesn't know what device you may choose to print to, and because...
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    Re: CS-2050, Code CF-610...

    Yes, but it will only format and make usable the original design capacity.

    IIRC it is a 5.25" form factor non-ssd SATA drive. I heard tell of people replacing them with SSD's but I do not...
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    Re: Kyocera Taskalpha 2550ci code 0640

    Good job, thanks for the update!
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    [Error Code] Re: Fiery stuck at FF

    Sorry, I definitely described that wrong and didn't think it through.
    When I said format that was in error. What I meant was remove any partitions on the drive.

    To format, you need to create a...
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    [Error Code] Re: Fiery stuck at FF

    Linux based Fiery, FF is failure. Per Fiery guide:

    FF, A7, A8 Possibly one of the following:
    Faulty motherboard
    Faulty or missing CPU
    1 Replace the motherboard.
    2 Replace the CPU.
  10. Thread: IPDS

    by PrintWhisperer

    [Wanted] Re: IPDS

    You can go 3rd party with this converter:

    LinkCom III S, IPDS, SCS, DCA and IGP printing | MPI Tech
  11. Re: white, dim screen problem with ecosys m2540dn, ecosys p2040dn in printer

    If you have installed optional languages please read the following, an error may produce your symptom:

    The number of the optional language which can be registered in the above models increases...
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    Re: 1102 error gmail scanning

    That sounds curious. You should call your rep and have them do a Remote Bomgar and Wireshark it. Seems like a slow week.:cool:
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    [Misc] Re: 5052ci scan error 3102 O365

    I think he means turn off 1.0 and 1.1. O365 doesn't want to connect to a device than can be forced to those insecure protocols in a downgrade attack. 1.2 alone should be good.

    3102 has been seen...
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    Re: Kyocera Taskalpha 2550ci code 0640

    You do not need to install firmware for regular operation. While recommended of course, you need access to get it from Kyocera.

    The firmware will add any available color tables (for special color...
  15. [Error Code] Re: 6003i with c-7101 code, new. 150 copies

    You can use MM155 and MM132 to check the flow of toner.

    I would start with MM132 'Toner Add' execute and press start and observe the Supply(K) value for changes. The Sensor (K) should be around...
  16. Re: Do you believe that Climate Change is real and caused by mankind?

    Bless you and I agree with you that information is to be sought where ever possible, but it must be filtered through the lense of how it is crafted and what message it seeks to convey.

    I did not...
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    [Misc] Re: C308 Reversed/Mirrored Screen

    Same thing I said when I was recently shown a photo this (from a colleague, not mine).....

    on a Kyocera out-of-box (3 Series iirc...trying to get the photo)

    Certain boot screens were normal...
  18. Re: Do you believe that Climate Change is real and caused by mankind?

    When you reply-quote yourself, the tin-foil hat starts showing.

    All I read was the same policy maker excuses one hand uses, while the other hand does things like building the Keystone XL Pipeline...
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    [Misc] Re: Job Printing in Kyocera

    I'm usually setting this up in print and haven't used the Copy features for page specific tray calls.

    Hope this does it, knock yourself out:
  20. Re: Nope, never has been caused by man

    My observation is that you do the same from the other side.

    At least Slimslob lives here.

    Self-righteous Canadians need to heal themselves. Nova Scotia uses nearly 80% CO2 generating fuels in...
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    Re: FBI Security Alerts

    Ouch.MyQ/Kyocera Net Manager and Kyocera Fleet services are NOT affected. Hardware is also not vulnerable.
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    Re: FBI Security Alerts

    You left Apple out of your list....
  23. Re: Copy Star CS-6002 and Taskalfa 4500 No Longer Scanning O365

    Your suspicion is correct, 0 series wont, the 6002 will
  24. Re: HEIF and HEIC Terrible print quality (On Kyocera Products)

    Yeah I have this problem with getting images out of the work provided iPhone (and here is yet another reason I would never choose one).

    You have to insert them into the email rather than including...
  25. Thread: 4052ci

    by PrintWhisperer

    Re: 4052ci

    Isn't there an email server you should be hacking?

    Leave the copiers alone
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