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    Re: Meter Read and Billing Software

    Making decisions as a landlord can sometimes be quite difficult. Not very often, but it happens that customers simply do not pay for rent. I am usually ready to give people the opportunity to pay a...
  2. Re: Hezel certificate - how much dangerous for health to work in printer industry

    I do not recommend working in the printer industry. A long time ago, I worked in a company that printed custom T-shirts. Because of the huge orders, we printed T-shirts every day for 5-6 hours. Even...
  3. Re: Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Announces Top 10 Equipment Acquisition

    very informative. thanks
  4. Re: What clothes do you choose to work with printers?

    You should pick dark colors. The ink is hard to wash out, and so it will be easiest to disguise it. I also work with printers, and I wear my old tuxedo Men's Wedding Suits & Tuxedos | Gentleman's...
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