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    Re: The End of Xerox's ASP program

    It looks like cutoff date (to be able to order warranty parts or file a labor claim) is June 1, 2021

    Mark it on your calendar. R.I.P. Xerox ASP Program
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    The End of Xerox's ASP program

    As of June 1 2021 Xerox is essentially firing all ASP's from doing any warranty or service contract work.

    No more "Warranty reimbursement claims"

    No more "No Charge for Warranty Parts"
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    Re: GSN lock & bus station question

    We were told the same thing as "Rusty"

    Separate "TCN" numbers but only one "GSN" number for the dealership.

    Although this may all become a moot point as of June 1 2021 Xerox is essentially...
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    Re: Looking for techs based in Miami

    I work on Xerox and HP 30 years experience.

    I only work in Broward and Palm Beach county.

    Contact me at if you are interested.
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    Is this a Epson HOAX ?

    I got the email below this morning.

    Hi Jim XXXXXX,

    You have been enrolled in the following online course:

    Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590, WF-C17590 and M20590

    You can access...
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    [Dead] Re: Altalink C8055, WC7855

    Is it totally dead? (power but will not boot)

    Then you need firmware (altboot procedure)

    A little more information as to what state the machine is in, as well as what you hope to accomplish...
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    Re: Xerox 7835 always ask for toner

    Are you sure you are putting "Retail" (sold) toner and not metered toner?

    Machine will keep asking for "toner" if the incorrect toner (Metered or Sold) is put in.

    Check Config Sheet if...
  8. Re: Short on Altalink B8055 "Jam Behind Left Door"

    Well it looks like I will never know for sure. The customer had me replace all the possible items I thought it might be. I know it had Blown the ITXO PWB, I also replaced the left door assembly...
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    [Misc] Re: Printer offline when doing copies

    A little more info would be helpful.

    You "Didn't" say what version of firmware you were using?

    You also "Didn't" say if the firmware you used with the "Altboot" was same as original firmware?
  10. Short on Altalink B8055 "Jam Behind Left Door"

    I have a Altalink B8055 that is showing "Jam Behind Left Side Door". (There is "NO" jam behind door.)

    I used diagnostics to check the seven sensors that can cause this error.

    They all read...
  11. Re: How to reset TASKalfa 4002i Command Centre Password for Admin

    I take it you want me to do a U026 to restore back the data to the SSD?

    Will it also put back the old Password? (The one I don't know)

  12. How to reset TASKalfa 4002i Command Centre Password for Admin

    Does anyone know how to reset the TASKalfa 4002i Command Centre Password for Admin?

    Need this to login and make some scan to email changes (Gmail)

    Someone changed it from Admin/Admin (User Name...
  13. Re: Looking for Kyocera TaskAlfa 4002i,5002i,6002i, Service Manual

    Thanks, All good here.

    If you need any Xerox stuff (Manuals, Firmware, Parts, etc.) let me know in a PM.

    Take care and thanks again.
  14. Re: Looking for Kyocera TaskAlfa 4002i,5002i,6002i, Service Manual

    I have requested access.

    Check your email as well.
  15. Re: Looking for Kyocera TaskAlfa 4002i,5002i,6002i, Service Manual

    Sent my email in PM to you.

    I Have the Xerox Manuals you want as well
  16. Looking for Kyocera TaskAlfa 4002i,5002i,6002i, Service Manual

    Looking for Kyocera TaskAlfa 4002i,5002i,6002i, Service Manual.

    Have Xerox service manuals to trade.


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    Re: Xerox WC 6515 Toner problem

    Non-OEM toners are famous for causing developer run off.

    Basically the color doesn't match what Xerox thinks it should be, so it gives it more developer.

    As you were told this usually means...
  18. Re: Workcentre 3550 HELP metered Toner when it shouldn't be

    I just usually call into Xerox, give them the serial number and a page count, and they send me a snippet that resets the machine back to "Neutral"
    (Will then set to whatever cartridge is first put...
  19. Re: Xerox Workcentre 6400 Scanner head drive belt

    Not sure if this helps but my cost is $31.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

    So anywhere you can get it delivered for around $46.00 I would grab it.
    (At least you have a reference point now)

    Try iteminc...
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    Re: Xerox manuals and training woes

    Well there is good and bad news when you become a Xerox repair shop.

    You will be entering a market where you will be one of the few authorized to repair their equipment. Result is less...
  21. Re: selling my business and my home you can take over my life

    Send me some more info.

    I live down in South Florida and am getting sick of the traffic and how crowded it has become down here.

    I moved to Florida in 1986 (33 Years) ago, back then there was...
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    [Error Code] Re: Xerox Color Cube 8900x

    As Phil B already told you a lot depends on the tech doing the repair.

    By the error code you provide your problem is in the printhead tilt system. Which means the following have to be checked....
  23. [Misc] Re: SMB ScanningXEROX 5865 - Invalid Path Specific: 445 v. 139 (Port #) needs to cha

    Take your laptop, get on same network as the 5865, and shared folder machine.

    Make sure you can login, read and write to that shared folder with the same name and password you have on the 5865.
  24. Re: Workcentre 7845 & Booklet Printer leaving big lines issue.

    Replace developer assembly.
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    Re: Xerox Phaser 7100dn

    Well like you said you are not a Xerox Tech, so I don't know if you will or wont follow what I am going to tell you.
    1. Go into Xerox diagnostics.

    Entering Service Diagnostics
    1. Press and...
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