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    [Error Code] Re: MX-M364N F2-78

    Have you cleaned the image density sensor above the transfer unit?
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    Re: MX-C300p won't stop idling

    Does it stop if you pull the network cable?
  3. Re: Sharp MX-4112N - Change HDD hard drive to a new one?

    For this error you need to install a new SD card. It must be a new one from Sharp or a cloned copy from the same model.
    Sorry I do not have a cloned copy for this model.
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    [Funny] Re: Joke of the Day

    And Grocery Stores used to provide paper bags instead of plastic.
  5. Re: What is the dumbist customer comment/question you've heard?

    Customer moved copier from one office to another got everything hooked up (almost) but the fax would error out when trying to send a fax. I walk in see no phone line connected and realize that is...
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    Re: Sharp MX-B402 Glass Fogging

    We have quite a few of these machines still out and I agree that the glass is difficult to get off for cleaning. I have two thoughts, one that the paper has a lot of moisture and it is steaming from...
  7. Re: Sharp MXB427w ( I think rebox Lexmark MB3442)

    Since you have not had any other replies:

    According to the service manual here is the wild-ass guess which you have likely already done.
    Customizing the home screen
    1 From the control panel,...
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    Re: MX-M365 adf issue

    We have had this issue several times and the sensor flag in the lower transport unit in the ADF, it gets knocked out of place when the customer removes a Jam
  9. [Error Code] Re: MX4141 shows waiting when scanning

    I would try an SD card before trying a hard drive.
  10. Re: MX5070N CQ issues when copying in color

    I am assuming paper is good, not damp
    have you tried another transfer belt?
    swapped fuser?
    might try new black developer
  11. [Error Code] Re: M6035 Non Genuine Toner Message!!

    I can't count the many times my Mom or Grandma would have us kids slap the TV to get rid of the fuzzy picture and most of the time it worked.
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    Re: Refurbished Sharp's

    "As is" is very questionable. They could be freight damaged to begin with or damaged in transit to your location and you may end up with a brick. You have no recourse if prepaying with credit card...
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    Re: MX-4071

    Sorry I don't have that info, we have only put out a few in the last few months.
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    Re: MX-4071

    the 4141 is a workhorse machine and we still have several out in the field. the 4071 looks solid and we have a few out in the field now, but no long term results in yet for us. the 4071 is totally...
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    Lexmark MS521dn squeaking

    We have two MS521dn machines squeaking loudly when printing. it sounds alike a plastic on plastic squeak on the right side of the machine. one of the machines has less that 3000 copies and both...
  16. Re: brother dcp-9020cdw green tab

    First slide the green tab back and forth to clean the corona wires, if that doesn't help clean the contacts where the drum unit and the machine meet.
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    Re: MX5070 no NIC

    You have a choice in networks settings to set it up wired only or wireless.
  18. Re: Sharp MX-6070 cyan vertical lines

    Your next step is to make sure all your contact points are clean, if this does not help you are looking at a board problem, try to reconnect all the cables to the board first.
  19. Re: MX 3140N unable to login as admin/service or list prints

    I had this happen on a similar machine and it was the SD card. Worked fine after replacing it.
  20. Re: MX-FN17 - Marks on back of pages

    If it is not the finisher or the fuser and the marks come after the fuser it has to come from the paper path between the fuser and finisher, so I would start dissembling that area and cleaning...
  21. Re: MX-M266 Keys and Touch problem

    I would start with a SD card or Msata card, not sure which one this machine has.
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    Re: E7-61

    It seems you have tried all the usual steps, The next step I would try would be the SD card or hard drive.
    It sounds very frustrating, with the age of the machine I would go with the SD card first.
  23. Re: MX6070N ghosting on black / lines

    I just had a MX 3070 doing the same thing and it was the fuser not cleaning built up toner on the rollers. I was able to clean the fuser rollers and was good to go.
  24. Re: MX3640n - Error Codes F2-73 and F2-67

    The other solution is the PCU PWB but a different machine rules that out so i would next suspect the power supply.
  25. Re: HP LaserJet 500 M570DN - "Squeaking" noise

    The customer calls because of a squeak and when you try a different cartridge it goes away. I have definitely had to replace compatible toners with this issue, one reason I don't like compatibles.
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