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  1. Re: General question regarding intentionally poor print quality.

    If your Canon is mono-compunent, and I suspect it is, you could make some fingerprints on the developing cylinder. Mono-component machines will do something called "mottling" when the toner is...
  2. Re: eco p3150 continuing image quality problem

    Have you replaced the primary charge unit? I've noticed that after a while the rubber seal on the primary charge unit will "charge up" and attract paper dust and toner, then drag it over the drum....
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    [CQ] Re: Lexmark Cs-410 White Void

    The variation in density implies a charge related issue. How about the black drum unit?
  4. Thread: MFC-L3750

    by blackcat4866

    Re: MFC-L3750

    Is it networked? Maybe there's more useful information on the web interface. =^..^=
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    bizhub C3351 J11-02

    The best part: It only jams in the bottom 1/3 of the tray!

    Please try to excuse my Paint illustrations.
    When the tray is full it feeds fine. As the paper is consumed the paper lifts, and the...
  6. Re: HP Designjet XL 3600DR PS Service Manual

    Another cross-off:
    The Pinches Assembly (formed aluminum frame with ~150 star wheels) is not warped, and raises and lowers appropriately in service mode. I suspect that the pinches assembly is too...
  7. Re: Kyocera 2 and 3 Series Separation rollers.

    The Kyocera black rollers can last less than 100K depending on the model. But most of the Kyocera rollers are exactly the same size as those KM rollers. And the ribbed pickup roller works nicely...
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    Re: "Free Copier" causing aggravation

    This is a relatively common situation. Somebody picks up the finisher by the trays, and it ratchets to the top of its travel. Often it's as simple as removing a cover and manually driving the tray...
  9. [Dead] Re: HP Neverstop Laser 1001NW "won't turn on"

    In situations like this I try to talk the enduser out of the call. Odds are that 1 hour labor won't get them any closer to a working machine. Just bad news, and a bill.
  10. [Dead] Re: HP Neverstop Laser 1001NW "won't turn on"

    Are there any of the typical outputs from the power supply board? 5vdc, +12vdc. -12vdc, 24vdc?n Any blown fuses? Can you live measure voltages to/from the fuses?

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    Re: 6551ci printing issue

    Congratulations on your success. =^..^=
  12. Re: What seems to be hard toner top of page

    Let's start with the simple questions:

    What model is this?
    Is that pattern appearing in the feed direction or crossfeed direction?
    Why aren't there any image voids?

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    Re: "Free Copier" causing aggravation

    You left out the most important part: what is the code?

    Was the machine powered down and off, before disconnecting the finisher?
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    [CQ] Re: m281 laser cleaning

    Don't use an air compressor, unless you remove everything on the chassis. With compressed air you can force dust into areas that ordinarily would never get dirty.

    I am not familiar with this...
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    [Misc] Re: bizhub 4050 "Printer name"

    Do you mean "host name"? When you log into the web interface as admin, you'll see host name amongst the various network settings.

    Or do you mean the printer name on the print driver? Go to...
  16. Re: Kyocera 2 and 3 Series Separation rollers.

    Oops! Thanks for the correction. =^..^=
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    Re: Foggy PH Protective Cover

    What chemicals have you used?:

    Orange oil based solvent?
    Paraffin Lamp Oil?

    I wouldn't much worry about removing any coating from the glass, especially if it's the coating...
  18. Re: Kyocera 2 and 3 Series Separation rollers.

    If you don't have that, I use Konica Minolta rollers A00J 5636 00. They'll consistently last 300K, and are not difficult to press off/on to the old hubs. =^..^=
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    Re: 6551ci printing issue

    That was a much more complete answer than I had.

    Microsoft Office applications can hold media type choice, paper size, or tray choice in the document, and ignore the driver settings.

    So the...
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    eS5540CT System Board

    Don't you hate it when you know the manual is wrong, and you follow it anyway?

    So the manual says to install system board > load firmware > restore ADI Key ... in that order. I knew it was the...
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    Re: Biz C224e - Muratec version?

    You can also change the hostname to: KonMin224 or whatever you like.
  22. Re: PIVOT for Effective Parts Management

    Who is using this? =^..^=
  23. Re: Kyocera FS-C8520 transfer belt cleaner problem

    So the cleaner is backed up again. Check the spout and auger system moving the toner through the spout. It's very common to split a gear or two in the spout drive.

    TASKalfa 2551ci parts pipe...
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    Re: Kyocera P4040dn fuser problem.

    I feel like I should know this, since I worked on quite a lot of the Harriers, but I do not, and Kyocera did not include a repetitive defect chart in the earlier manuals, which includes CS-8030 and...
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    Re: C-3906 Pro 1100

    Just to confirm, yes the machine will initialize with an open lamp, but may go into long warmup cycles. Also, an intermittent thermostat can give these effects. They're not that expensive, and can...
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