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  1. Re: Shift guide sensor no voltage PF-7110 8052ci

    You must have a connector poorly fitted (as you probably assume too).

    Were it me, I'd identify a sensor name for the home sensor (like PS2), then search it on the circuit diagram to find out...
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    [Misc] Re: TA2551ci Main unit open

    I've done this to myself many times. If the front cover is opened and the swing-up section is opened then closed, be sure that the inner section latches at BOTH sides are latched. If only one side is...
  3. Re: bizhub 558 buzzing near the bridge unit.

    225K ... not much. That's mainly why I did not order another inferior plastic piece. =^..^=
  4. Re: bizhub 558 buzzing near the bridge unit.

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a bulletin comes out to this effect. =^..^=
  5. bizhub 558 buzzing near the bridge unit.

    It was simple to key the bridge cover and see that the noise was coming from the exit section, not the bridge.

    Manually turning the gears from the exit drive, I can catch the exit timing belt...
  6. Re: Getting this black deposit bottom of prints

    It's really common for the waste bottle to fill unevenly on machines that don't do a lot of color. =^..^=
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    Re: TaskAlfa 3551ci - "black toner empty"

    You won't have to repeat that one. When you have to think that hard on a fix, it sticks. =^..^=
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    Re: eStudio 3508a dual fax

    Most dual line faxes can Rx on both lines, but only Tx on one line. I'm fairly certain that this model is like all the others.

    I learned about this on a bizhub C360, in which the two tenants of a...
  9. Re: BH-C-280/360 several machines, same effect

    Personally I think that it's in your digital artwork. You may not see it on the paper but I guarantee that it's there, just not visible. Try blowing up your digital artwork to 1600% enlargement and...
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    How long of a paper roll can I load?

    It's on an HP Designjet T2600, but this question applies to any wide format device printing onto roll paper.

    This question was a dilemma for me, since the maximum roll length is only limited by...
  11. [Jamming] Re: Canon ir adv 8205 60gsm paper problem

    60gsm qualifies as "tracing paper" and unsuitable for duplexing or finishing operations

    If you want to replace something, replace the media with 75gsm or heavier. =^..^=
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    Re: TaskAlfa 3551ci - "black toner empty"

    Maybe similar ... I've had jams that would not clear for this reason. When I got to the right door it cleared ... even though there was no paper. =^..^=
  13. Re: Konica Minolta C3350 white spots and vertical lines in black/grey prints

    Maybe somebody here knows more about the manufacture of organic photoconductors ... but I suspect that it's a defect in the outer clear-coat on the drum. I've seen such things before. They usually do...
  14. Re: optics cleaning cloth + platen glass slippery product

    Same here ... I just call it washer solvent. The formula that I've come up with is:
    2 gal -10F washer solvent
    3 qts vinegar scented Windex
    1 qt Cleaning Vinegar

    Here in Michigan, it's important...
  15. Re: Konica Minolta C3350 white spots and vertical lines in black/grey prints

    Yes, it's normal for all drum blades to be primed with yellow toner, on all manufacturers, all models.

    The small defects you see are on the drum surface. The will not get worse, and they won't go...
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    Re: TaskAlfa 3551ci - "black toner empty"

    Your memory is correct.The AlphardII is not subject to that issue.

    Which toner is installed? TK-8307K or TK-8309K? They look very similar, but the TK-8309K will not be recognized in a Kyocera.
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    Re: e-studio 2550c churps like a bird

    I know where you're coming from. In high school I worked in a stamping plant, stamping out metal parts. I lost most of my upper range hearing by 1981.

    Like you, I rely on others to tell me if I...
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    Re: Greenville SC

    Welcome! =^..^=
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    Re: Venting...

    Hold on ... you mean snot isn't black? =^..^=
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    [Misc] Re: Dispose of used toner

    The most common thing I remember is the customer unplugging the waste sensor, since the wire hangs out in full view, just begging to be fiddled with. =^..^=
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    [Misc] Re: Dispose of used toner

    Wow! What an antique! Is this in a museum? =^..^=
  22. Re: 2540c Showing 0% Toner and Asking to Install New Toner but Toner Still Full

    Is it genuine Toshiba toner? =^..^=
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    Re: Jam 72-17 on BH808

    We've seen plenty of those finisher inlet mylars wear. There is a 90 degree fold in the edges that contact the paper, so when it wears through you've got a 3mm wide flap of mylar to catch the leading...
  24. Re: Folding limit - Taskalfa 6053Ci with BF-730

    You mean like writing new firmware for the machine, changing the way the basic machine functions?

    Maybe your classes have been a bit more in-depth than mine, but I've never been let in on machine...
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    Re: Toshiba e-Studio 255 - CB30 Error

    Check the edit. I did a little more reading. =^..^=
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