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    Re: Xerox WC 6515 Toner problem

    Non-OEM toners are famous for causing developer run off.

    Basically the color doesn't match what Xerox thinks it should be, so it gives it more developer.

    As you were told this usually means...
  2. Re: Workcentre 3550 HELP metered Toner when it shouldn't be

    I just usually call into Xerox, give them the serial number and a page count, and they send me a snippet that resets the machine back to "Neutral"
    (Will then set to whatever cartridge is first put...
  3. Re: Xerox Workcentre 6400 Scanner head drive belt

    Not sure if this helps but my cost is $31.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

    So anywhere you can get it delivered for around $46.00 I would grab it.
    (At least you have a reference point now)

    Try iteminc...
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    Re: Xerox manuals and training woes

    Well there is good and bad news when you become a Xerox repair shop.

    You will be entering a market where you will be one of the few authorized to repair their equipment. Result is less...
  5. Re: selling my business and my home you can take over my life

    Send me some more info.

    I live down in South Florida and am getting sick of the traffic and how crowded it has become down here.

    I moved to Florida in 1986 (33 Years) ago, back then there was...
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    [Error Code] Re: Xerox Color Cube 8900x

    As Phil B already told you a lot depends on the tech doing the repair.

    By the error code you provide your problem is in the printhead tilt system. Which means the following have to be checked....
  7. [Misc] Re: SMB ScanningXEROX 5865 - Invalid Path Specific: 445 v. 139 (Port #) needs to cha

    Take your laptop, get on same network as the 5865, and shared folder machine.

    Make sure you can login, read and write to that shared folder with the same name and password you have on the 5865.
  8. Re: Workcentre 7845 & Booklet Printer leaving big lines issue.

    Replace developer assembly.
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    Re: Xerox Phaser 7100dn

    Well like you said you are not a Xerox Tech, so I don't know if you will or wont follow what I am going to tell you.
    1. Go into Xerox diagnostics.

    Entering Service Diagnostics
    1. Press and...
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    Re: Xerox colorqube 8900 ( error 091-904)

    According to the error "Replace Printhead"

    Any other info you can give? Kind of rare seeing this error?
    (Try fixing yourself?, Replaced some parts? Power Surge? etc..)

    91,900, 91,903,...
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    [Misc] Re: Problem with Xerox Workcenter 7225i

    There are a Right & Left Repair Kit Mods.

    I have posted both.
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    Re: Xerox WC 7655 mismatched serial number

    Check your inbox.
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    Re: Xerox WC 7655 mismatched serial number

    Well, you ask a lot for first time non-contributing poster.

    But that being said you are going to need to get a Xerox tech out that will do a "dc132 Diagnostic routine" which will generate a new...
  14. Re: Xerox Phaser 7500 Developer unit life...?

    Xerox States 300K for developer life on that machine (Phaser 7500)

    I personally agree with "Caffiene". I chnaged out all four developers and housings on
    a customer at 200K because they were not...
  15. Re: problem with wc7545 , filled developer 1k copies before but now developer is drai

    Did you replace "ALL" the developers.
    (Make sure you are using genuine Xerox toners)

    Remember if you use "Generic" toners it will contaminate the developer,
    and start to drain it quickly.
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    [CQ] Re: Phaser 7500 Print Quality

    Using Genuine "Xerox" toners??

    All colors or just black?

    How many copies on machine, each color (KCMY)

    Total Copies?

    Have you replaced the black developer assembly?
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    B8090 Series HDD Proprietary or Generic?

    I have been getting a lot of "Hang on Boot" machines from the Altalink B8090 Series.

    I have the SD Cards in stock (Which is the normal culprit) but occasionaly it requires a new HDD as well.
  18. Re: problem with wc7545 , filled developer 1k copies before but now developer is drai

    They are using "Genuine" Xerox toners?

    Generic tonners will eat developer like crazy.
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    Re: WC4250 paper tray issues

    Check your PM
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    Clone Xerox SD Cards ??

    Does anyone know a way to Clone Xerox SD cards?

    Can I use something like “Norton Ghost” to clone these

    proprietary SD cards ?
  21. Re: EDOCS for the Xerox Altalink B8090 family

    I got the Altalink B800 series edocs

    Please close this thread.
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    Re: Help on colorqube 8570 91,720 error

    Glad you got it straightened out.
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    Re: Phaser 7800 rebooting

    Okay the Phaser 7800 is a little bit different in what you have to do to fix your problem.

    First, after you install the new HDD you must do a ALTBOOT with the FORCED_UPGRADE line in that folder as...
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    Re: Help on colorqube 8570 91,720 error

    91,720 Indicates a fault with the printhead tilt system.

    So logically the first thing you want to do is to manually tilt the print head from home position though the full tilt position and back to...
  25. Re: EDOCS for the Xerox Altalink B8090 family

    I have fully functioning PWS and GSN Client Lock
    (With over 50 machines EDOC's fully functioning)

    Just Need the Altalink B8000 series (I have it's predessor the ws5955 edoc running fine)
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