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  1. Re: BizHub C558 Misfeed Detected on Scan©, but no misfeed. Error Code: 66-02

    Take the Doc tray and lift up, towards front cover there is a boss, pull back and manipulate the Doc tray in a 90 degree angle, there is an optical eye on the underside of the tray, clean that sensor...
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    Re: Xerox DocuColor 252 (DC250) random cyan spots

    Xerox DocuColor 252 (DC250) random cyan spots
    I've seen a couple of threads on the subject here, but none have solved the problem so far.

    A customer has a DocuColor 252. He gets random cyan spots...
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    Re: xerox 4265 wont boot up

    Software can be put onto a thumb drive and loaded thru the boot mode. Go to Business Services and Digital Printing Solutions – Xerox and retrieve the software and unzip to folder. In the whitepapers...
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    Re: Replacing Hard Drives In Xerox Machines

    Hello to all from NOVA. Some will get that, most will not. Chrisban knows NOVA.
    The only way to reload software is thru a PWS or thru a slave drive and I am taking you have neither. This is not like...
  5. Thread: xerox b605

    by JrTech

    Re: xerox b605

    Check the hinges on the DADF. There is a Bulletin out about these and where they break or become weak and then break. Make sure that the tabs, brass couplings for the DADF roller are in place...
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    [Misc] Re: Xerox Phaser 7800 SD Card Defective

    Unfortunately the one you have does not have the boot file on there. That boot file ext is not available as far as I can see on the net. I have tried to crack one of these and there is a shell of a...
  7. [Dead] Re: Xerox VersaLink C405 (Scanner Fail + Toners Not recognized) after firmware upgrad

    The firmware update on these machines should only be DONE if you are presented with an issue(s) that is specific to your issue. Example if you have an issue with the machine dropping off the network...
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    Re: Non-Contract rates

    Washington DC, VA - Northern VA NOVA, MD (WV Border to Eastern Shores. Baltimore tunnel south to VA)
    Floor Model MFP up to 90ppm - $125hr to $150 BW and $175 to $210 Color up to 50 miles.
  9. Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7225 DADF fault with error 305-253

    Definately check the connection between the dadf and dadf pwb. The DADF should be one of the first things to initiate during POST. If cable between dadf and dadf pwb are ok, check dadf pwb to MCU....
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    Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7855 345-375

    This is a tricky code as it is not defined as one specific LPH/Xolor. Try swapping 1 drum and power off - on and do that for all 4, 1by 1. Maybe as simple as crappy drum. If not read below. Best bet...
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    Re: Xerox 3635 feeder jam

    From the pic there are 2 indentations on the paper, indicating that there is something in the paper path. Open top cover, force a folded sheet down the paper path of DADF, once thru the top part,...
  12. Re: Xerox Workcentre 5225- jamming at drum unit

    Drum shutter is damaged. Take out the drum and play with the shutter. If it does not move freely up and down they bent the metal bracket. To clear the fax that continues to loop. Turn off the machine...
  13. Re: $20 REWARD for Fix! Xerox WorkCentre 6505 MCU Firmware Error

    Mr Xerox is correct. You cannot swap out all boards at once. If you can re install the original boards and get the machine back to at least a screen pop up, you can ForceAlt Boot machine to reload...
  14. Re: ITB Home Position sensor and ITB belt (7232)

    001R00610 IBT Assembly. This will come with Belt Home Sensor as that is on the frame. This sensor is on the upper left hand side of belt assembly if you are looking at it as if it were in the...
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    Re: WC7655 VS DC 252/242

    100% no brainer with the Doc 250 line. As mentioned in previous posts the DocuColor 250 line offers the external fiery for color manipulation, spotting, I can go on forever. For anything graphic arts...
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    Re: workcentre 24 drivers

    Yes Xerox makes drivers for the dinosaur machines like the M24. Go to Business Services and Digital Printing Solutions – Xerox Support - Support and Drivers - M24 - Drop menu down to OS that you...
  17. Re: Xerox DocuColor 242 intermittent dead screen

    Tricky one. This was a common issue when this line first came out. The "Fire Wire" that goes from the UI to the machine has to be the replacement Fire Wire and not any generic. Sounds like maybe a...
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    [Error Code] Re: xerox 7225i error of fusion

    Good afternoon. I am a little confused and may be due to language translation. I am not sure what the Merging and Ellen not printing are. Is there any error codes displayed, what is the machine...
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    Re: Xerox WC6605 Rear Clicking noise

    You can run diagnostics and isolate the motor causing the issue. Most likely the fuser and transfer belt are not locking in correctly. Have had a few issues on this model. Take out the fuser and...
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    Re: Starting Selling Xerox

    The 71xx, 72xx, and 73xx machines so not have separate Meter and Sold toner. Weather machine came off contract or not all toner is same. Now for 74xx, 75xx, 78xx, 79xx and now Altalink ans Versalink...
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    Re: Xerox 58xx speed

    Everyone relax. Both are correct. Yes it can be done NO chance you will see this in the US. Here in good Ol USA we have way too much to lose and I have no reason to change speeds or be shady about...
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    Re: Xerox 5765 alignment problem

    You have a feature in duplex called flip on short edge. Turn it off and both sides should be same orientation.

    Hope this helps
  23. Re: How can i make xerox 5755 & 5855 work without fuser & drum chips

    I take it your not giving up on this one. Ok if your car didn't have the electronics from ignition to motor your car wouldn't start....correct. so your waiting valuable time of these people on here...
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    Re: wc 7535 developer problem in black

    Wouldn't do that unless your trying to compensate for electrical. By your location I would say your not using 110v. As last post suggested you need to either rebuild or replace current. You can use a...
  25. Re: PWS TOOL DOWNLOAD , Diagnostic tool free download link

    That's a whole different ball of wax on this one. Unfortunately without a PWS and software you cannot reprogram hard drive or swap boards for that matter. A run of the mill hdd will not work as...
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