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  1. Lexmark T640 Operator Panel Replacement

    Is there any way to reset/adjust the printer in order to be able to install a good used control panel PN 40x0195?
  2. HP LaserJet CP3505 error 13.20.00 Solved

    The fuser assy. has the jam actuator/rod/flag that trips the light sensor (
    Photo Interrupter)
    mounted on the left side of the fuser. Sensor tabs break off and the sensor falls off and interferes...
  3. Panasonic DP C213 Transfer Belt

    Panasonic C213 has a message that transfer belt needs replacemnet. I replaced this belt once a long time ago on this copier. My question is, will the machine eventually shut down if the transer belt...
  4. Re: estudio 477 sl "toner sensor error"

    Well then, I am going to try a new drum unit before replacing the contact sensor.;)
  5. Re: estudio 477 sl "toner sensor error"

    Apparantly this is a know problem. There is a bulletin that addresses this problem. The bulletin includes a part number for the toner contact sensor in the machine and basic instructions on how to...
  6. Re: Estudio 4508A radf document jams and parts

    Update. I was finally able to access the parts, so I got part numbers now. :D
  7. Estudio 4508A radf document jams and parts

    I have a relatively new 4508A with document feeder jams. The machine has only 44,215 pages and 43,409 scans. I cleaned the document feed rollers and it helped for a few days then the problem...
  8. Samsung SCX-6555 Dropping Network Connection

    I have a 6555 that has being dropping out of the network intermittently. When it stops working the amber light at the RJ45 at the machine goes off, the green light is on. I have plugged the network...
  9. External monitor for e-STUDIO 4508A?

    One of my customers asked if you can hook up an external display monitor to their e-STUDIO 4508A. I know there are foreign interfaces to add coin machines, etc. but I have never heard of being able...
  10. Re: Upgrading Toshiba e-Studio 506 to Toshiba 4508

    There are 10 templates. Where can I find the eBX Convertor Tool?
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    Re: Fax test number!?

    Brother has an automated fax number for sending and automated receive. 1-877-268-9575.
  12. Upgrading Toshiba e-Studio 506 to Toshiba 4508

    I am replacing a Toshiba 506 with a new 4508. I have all the users set up on the server for scanning to SMB. Do you think it would be possible to do a backup of the data on the web page of the 506...
  13. MX-C401 Not Powering on/Blank Display

    I have a MX-C401 that comes on with main power (makes noise) but when turning on console power the display does not come on. It is not a display problem because the machine does not complete the...
  14. [CQ] Canon IC MF6500 Series Blank Copies from ADF

    Now that these machines are getting older, I am starting to see this problem more and more. I get intermittent blank copies only while using the ADF. The ADF is not missfeeding or double sheet...
  15. Re: Brother Machines Using TN-750 Toner

    Hi Tech28, thanks for the heads up but I could only find the lower pressure roller for HL-5440 and not the upper heat roller. Do you have Amazon's item numbers/part numbers for both rollers?
  16. Re: Brother Machines Using TN-750 Toner

    I did a Google search for the fuser and don't remember Amazon coming up. I will try searching on Amazon directly. Thanks!
  17. Re: Brother Machines Using TN-750 Toner

    This is true, but I have older Brother machines in the field that the fusers have lasted a lot longer. I find that the series of machines that I listed on my original post have fusers that fail...
  18. Brother Machines Using TN-750 Toner

    Is anyone out there having as much trouble with the fusers on these machines as I am? Some of the machines that use this fuser are the DCP-8110, HL-5440, MFC-8950, etc. The fuser part number is...
  19. Toshiba e-Studio 3508A Customer Quote

    I am putting a quote together for a customer on a new Toshiba e-Studio 3508A. This is one of Toshiba's new machines that just came out recently. The MSRP for the base machine (35 Pages per Minute,...
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    Re: MAGENTA out of focus

    Hi, I had a similar issue on an HP CLJ 4700. Tech support suggested a new magenta lsu but it ended up being the ITB. Good luck, hope that helps.
  21. Re: Canon IRA C2225 ITB Replacement

    Got it! Thanks so much for the input.
  22. Re: Canon IRA C2020 Service Manual

    Thanks so much! This is going to come in handy.
  23. Re: Canon IRA C2225 ITB Replacement

    Thanks a lot for the heads up on the blue handles. I figured that I needed to pull it out with those handles but I did not want to mess things up without knowing for sure. Again, thanks.
  24. Re: Canon IRA C2225 ITB Replacement

    The error is E000070-0000. I was able to run the ITB cleaning procedure from diagnostics and it seemed to help. Now the customer is calling back with the same problem.
  25. Canon IRA C2225 ITB Replacement

    I have a new customer that wants me to service their Canon IRA C2225 machine. It's throwing an ITB fault. I ordered one from Precision Roller and would like some help on how to replace it. This is a...
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