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  1. [For Sale] SAVIN / RICOH INVENTORY - All must go!!! Good Deal! (Not overwhelming amount)

    Anyone interested... PM me.
    Kits, Developer, Fuser rollers, Drums, Blades, (No Toner) Many smaller parts added free.
    PM me if interested in inventory (Still working on it)
  2. [Misc] Need Firmware Update for Toshiba eStudio 2830c series. Please PM or supply link

    Hey guys... haven't been around since Smarka disappeared. Still working on how this site works.
    Appreciate your patience.
    In dire need of firmware for the Toshiba 2830c series?
    Trying to help out...
  3. Re: Firmware for a Estudio 2830C 3520C 3530C 4520C needed

    Will do, but seems strange that I "Duck Ducked" - "Toshiba eStudio 2830c Firmware" and this Discussion came up so I came here and posted.
    It may be dead on the site here, but it's alive out in the...
  4. Re: Firmware for a Estudio 2830C 3520C 3530C 4520C needed

    Did anyone ever send James the firmware for the Toshiba 2830c series? Trying to help out a race track in Arizona with their old ES 2830c.
    My email is if anyone can send the...
  5. [Misc] Brother MFC L5700dw Will not scan Legal size

    Hey guys
    Is this just the nature of the beast? It does not have a legal size glass bed. But it will copy legal through the DF and pull from a legal tray. Yet it will not scan a legal to PDF or...
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    Re: Strechy feed tires

    Used to get these at Precision Roller. Then I began using "Stix All" in the tube. Just carefully laid it on and gave it 24 hours cure... Worx great if you can still find it. Made by Elmer's.
  7. [For Sale] Re: Ibm typewriter parts to give away -selectric wheel writer etc

    I'm in AZ. Might be able to send someone by.
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    [Wanted] Re: Refurbished HP Printers

    What range are you looking for? I have a bunch of P2035s and a few others.
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    Poll: Re: What age group are you in?

    Entered at 33 but it was on the IBM Selectric typewriter... and lately that's what I'm back to doing at 67, 34 years later... Typewriters! Still helping out the folks that need me, though.:cool:
  10. [CQ] Re: Canon IR Adv. 4235 Horrendous Image!!!

    Canons have no developer.
    It seems to be a charging issue. The toner mag roller is perfect until the drum unit pulls toner in that horrible pattern. I guess that would suggest the drum unit. Wish I...
  11. Re: Generic drum for Advance 4545i?

    Been using Katun since 1980s. Haven't for awhile , but their quality never was an issue.
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    Re: E027-0400 in IR advance color 5035

    Here's what I found. Not sure if the above techs fixed it so thought I'd send this.

    Code: E027-0400
    Description:Error in supply with Bk Developing Assembly
    Failure in detection about the...
  13. Re: Need help solving error 100-0001 in Canon IR 3300

    If you've got another unit laying around you might try swapping these units mentioned below. Otherwise, You should probably move on.
    Causes:The wiring is faulty (short circuit, open circuit). The...
  14. [CQ] Canon IR Adv. 4235 Horrendous Image!!!

    Just rebuilt drum with Drum and Blade. (Not Charge Roller) Copies were great.
    Copier in very unstable location with potential power issues, but have had Mita, Savin, and Toshibas there over the...
  15. Re: Toshiba 2830c - Display/Op Panel blank.

    Not sure I understand...
    ..."should be rebuild firmware if the HDD fault".
  16. Toshiba 2830c - Display/Op Panel blank.

    Toshiba eStudio 2830c
    Powers up, Lights in right side upper corner of panel light up, but no display.
    Worked on Tosh for years but have been away for some time doing Canons. Do these op panels...
  17. [Error Code] Re: 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    It seems the Drum Drive PCB is not the board with the four sensing devices on it. Am I correct here.
    Manual showed a grouping of boards and the DDPCB seems small and in a different location than...
  18. [Error Code] Re: 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    Was Thinking That Might Be The Case.

    QUESTION: How should I approach this? Replace each wheel and each reader or just go with the whole pcb?

    I've got numbers and prices on the readers and...
  19. [Error Code] Re: 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    I'm thinking a flipped blade would be highly evident on any copies that do get through.The copies look fine when it prints.
    Cleaned the encoders twice to no avail.
    Short of beginning replacement...
  20. [Error Code] Re: 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    I cleaned all four discs and reader slots twice. Once using canned air, second time using a small brush with air again.
    It still goes into E0000-0206 after a few copies.
    Could the encoder discs be...
  21. [Error Code] Re: 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    At the risk of sounding a bit moronic... need a bit of guidance. This is my only unit like this in the field.
    It seems the Tech pub modification will fix this, my only question is where to find the...
  22. [Error Code] 000012-0206 and 0204A - IR Advance C5030

    Canon IR Adv. C5030 / Ser# GNG35555 / Total Prints 240,415
    Copier located in Prescott, AZ Mountains. Hard to get to. Need help before I go.
    This code returns or changes between 000012 -0206 and...
  23. [Misc] IR 6000 Three (3) Image anomalies

    Hello Folks! Trying to help a church out here. Giving them this giant.
    Runs great. Fuser good but noisy.
    Has three issues.
    1. Seems to have intermittent blur lines where the image is slightly...
  24. [Misc] Re: Canon IR400 Fuser gears??? (Newbie)

    Would have if I'd had them. Just keepin' the oldies going. I live 1 hour from PR. Know them personally. If my posts annoy you, ignore them. Just coming over from over twenty years at Smarka. Chill!
  25. [Misc] Canon IR400 Fuser gears??? (Newbie)

    Does anyone have the three gears off the Heat roller gear on this (Canon IR400) unit?All the gears on the backside of my customer's are either chipped or worn down. Thet can be good used if you've...
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