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  1. Re: Phaser 7800 obnoxious buzz then reboot

    run it without the transfer belt cleaner, if noise goes away try turning the gear on the back of the transfer belt cleaner, probably seized.
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    [Dead] Re: Colorqube 9301 Error 94-534

    Take the new belt off and check it, some new belts are coming through still covered in release agent.

    Pinch the belt together and try to rub one side past the other, if it slips the belt needs...
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    Re: Xerox 7545 Color registration

    no manual adjustment on this machine.

    Clean printheads > print solid fill each colour to make sure no white stripes or anything, if white lines replace dev tank of that colour > clean MOB ADC...
  4. Re: Workcentre 5855 with finisher dog ear problem

    Check duplex tray in bottom for any burrs, also check reg assembly, might be something stuck in the side 2 chute/baffle. Also check inverter assembly 2 sided path for any burrs.

    Check wires intact...
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    Re: Xerox 58xx power supply

    Quick and dirty fix would be to buy a step down transformer.

    But you'll need to make sure it can support the current draw and also the output voltage range needs to be within spec, could be costly.
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    Re: Xerox Phaser 4622

    Corrupt MSOK or bad connection.

    MSOK is basically the configuration card (plugs into either the IP board or the MCU board, can't remember which) but it is not spared unless you go through a long...
  7. [Misc] Re: Xerox 7120 - reducing toner consumption

    Dug out the following, may be useful: TRC adjustment can be used to lower toner density for each colour.

    Perform this adjustment only to correct a strong
    customer complaint. Altering the...
  8. Re: Xerox Workcentre 6655i keeeps rebooting

    might just need an altboot.

    download firmware from Xerox website and exract the .DLM file, use a 4GB or less FAT32 formatted USB stick and create a folder called altboot and drop the DLM file in...
  9. [Electrical] Re: Work centre 7830 blank display and all lights on

    No need to altboot after replacing SD card. chances are SD card is corrupt instead of faulty so can be re-imaged.

    PM me your email and i'll send you SD card image for this machine and win32 disk...
  10. [Misc] Re: Xerox 7120 - reducing toner consumption

    might be a draft setting in the print driver, but i'm sure you've already set to lowest quality. Also should be option to print pure black instead of composite black, this saves on the colour toners...
  11. Re: Scanning Issue with Xerox Phaser 3635 and Win 10 ver 1830

    the 3635 is an ancient box now, can't remember the last time a new firmware came out, i wouldn't hold my breath Xerox addressing this any time soon for this box.
  12. Re: Faded lines only on Magenta on Xerox Phaser 7500DN

    You should really try some ColorQube lovin' :)
  13. Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7835 does not exit energy saver mode

    Anything of note pop up in the fault history once you power device back on after this fault occurs?
  14. Re: Xerox work center 6515 customer forgot the password

    VersaLink Admin Password

    Run the Admin Password Reset Tool.
    Enter the serial number of the device with no
    punctuation or spaces.
  15. Re: Faded lines only on Magenta on Xerox Phaser 7500DN

    Open front cover, open inner front cover, use the ROS cleaning wands below each drum.

    If white lines still persists replace the Magenta developer tank. (you'll need service manual for this, or a...
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    [Misc] Re: light copies

    As above, clean the optics, these are notorious for dust getting into everything in the scanner assembly, after cleaning perform a white reference from diagnostics.
  17. Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7835 does not exit energy saver mode

    Sounds like loss of +5VDC standby power which is normally cured by replacing the LVPS which you have already done.

    I'd order up another LVPS and before replacing it troubleshoot for shorts in...
  18. Re: WC5890 with status fault -scanning not available

    None of those codes really mean anything to us techs, pulled from centreware perhaps? Not listed in the service manual.

    Need someone stood at the device to pull up the active messages --> Fault...
  19. Re: WC7225 with fault codes snet by customer

    Fuser life counter can be reset from diagnostics. If PQ is OK that's what i'd do.
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    [CQ] Re: Xerox WC 7855 Feeder Quality

    In Diagnostics try performing white reference setup, run the paper through three times each for DADF and scanner, i'd be interested to know the results of the 3rd pass.

    It could be the side 2 scan...
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    [CQ] Re: Xerox WC 7855 Feeder Quality

    Ok if its only 1 side affected then its not the SBC. more likely the IIT PWB or Pyxis PWB depending on which side has the issue.

    Write 1 and 2 on opposite sides of a sheet of paper and copy duplex...
  22. Re: xerox 6655 traded in with no hard drive

    WorkCentre 6655 Drivers & Downloads

    Suggest using the CK1.5 version if you don't know what version was installed previously, can always upgrade later if necessary.

    Should be a DLM file in the...
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    Re: Versalink C405

    *EDIT* Procedure below... Can't recover imaging units but can confirm toner dispense system is working.

    Now enter Diagnostics, and go to DC330, Component Control
    4. Enter 041-001 to turn on the...
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    Re: C405/DN - Bypass tray jams.

    By chute assembly do you mean the registration? (would have taken 4+ hours to change)

    If so make sure you fitted the right one, there is Duplex and non duplex version.
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    Re: WC 7220 does not boout up

    Also check the SBC fan, freezing can mean the fan has stopped and the chip is overheating.
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