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  1. Re: Not sure WHAT Konica Minolta was thinking with the new belt kit packaging!!

    Yes, they come this way since we're a dealer and order them that way.

    All 3 belt kits were packaged exactly the same, WITHOUT cardboard around the belt like it used to be. I suspect it's to...
  2. Not sure WHAT Konica Minolta was thinking with the new belt kit packaging!!

    Had a call for belt needing replaced on a C224e this morning. Grabbed one of our 3 in stock belt kits (with the IR, o-filter and toner filter inside) and proceeded to the call. I noticed that when...
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    Re: Build a decent PC or buy a NAS

    I have no idea BUT you might get a LOT more eyes (especially those inclined to know the answer that may never look at the KM thread) on your question if you post it over here:
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    Re: convert Konica dat files to csv?

    A quick Google search turned up several ways of converting a dat to csv. There is no specific program from KM to perform this procedure, that I know of.
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    [Misc] Re: KM Documentaion USB Drive

    We've never gotten the drive from KM. I just started downloading all the info we need/use on a regular basis probably 15 or more years ago. Then I just update the stuff we already have, on one PC,...
  6. Re: c654 and c650 finisher output tray going to the floor.

    On finishers I have had this happen on, I just had to put a drop of Tri-Flow on the actuator pivot points since it was ever-so-slightly sticking.

    Wait a second (my CRS was on attack for a moment),...
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    [Misc] Re: Bizhub C454e not printing correct.

    Except a piece of paper on top of the belt can't smear the print because the image is put on the bottom of the belt.

    Another possibility might be a messed up mylar on one of the drums. I had a...
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    Re: Bizhub C3110 CE pasword reset

    Are you entering it in correctly by pressing the asterisk first to get into number mode instead of letters?
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    Re: Konice C368 Transfer Belt Reset

    Well, if print/copy quality isn't a priority, you can reset it without replacing it but if you do that, the machine will change parameters based on a NEW belt being installed when it isn't, thereby...
  10. Re: Original left on glass or detecting A4 with no paper C368

    Shouldn't have changed unless a bunch of other stuff also changed, as in a surge or spike possibly causing an issue. I haven't ever seen only one setting so specific be altered by such a thing,...
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    Re: bizhub 558 buzzing near the bridge unit.

    Nice fix! What was the total count on that machine?
  12. Thread: Knova site

    by srvctec

    Re: Knova site

    I always just go to the "Service" tab drop-down and choose "One Stop Product Support". Then on that page in the left Quick Search field, enter the machine model #. Then everything related to that...
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    Re: DR314K vs DR313K

    Exactly, since I've done it on accident the first time I needed to replace a failed drum on a 308e. I grabbed the 8 series drum I had and it worked fine. It went into a machine that's in an...
  14. Thread: C227

    by srvctec

    Re: C227

    Does the message actually say to replace them or to replace them soon? Big difference. If it says to replace soon, then the setting in the service mode for unit replacement is set to remind very...
  15. Re: bizhub c652 - dark background on every printout

    I'd say it's more likely the black developing unit with an issue.
  16. Re: news users NOT filling in their profile information.

    Of course, even IF they fill it out, there is no guarantee it will be truthful. On the other hand, we'll catch them pretty quick if they lie on it.
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    Re: The Copier Network

    Same here. That's were we learned how to reset the IU counter on Minolta EP2130's. Saved us a bunch of money back in the day. Lots of other good Minolta stuff on Smarka back then, too. I had a...
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    Re: The Copier Network

    Haven't been there in years and totally forgot about them. Since I have CRS, were they around when Smarka was? Kind of seems like it.
  19. [Misc] Re: Konica 4752 and C250i printing out gibberish

    Oh, that's right; totally forgot about that.
  20. [Misc] Re: Konica 4752 and C250i printing out gibberish


    The exact same driver file is used for basically all color i series machines. Unless my sarcasm detector (usually spot-on) is defective.:cool:
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    Re: Hello from Dayton Ohio

    Welcome to the forum!
  22. [Misc] Re: Konica 4752 and C250i printing out gibberish

    If you're in the US, try here: KM Drivers

    The latest PCL driver is and is for most of the i series machines. Don't choose Universal, always use PCL or PS instead.
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    Re: C300i jam 93-01

    I'd start in the service manual for that code and do what it says.
  24. Re: C458 test page is black and white not color

    Going to have to totally disagree with you on this one. We've got ALL our color machines set to default B/W and they always print out the test page with the bird, in color.
  25. [Misc] Re: Bizhub c 250 Time cannot be adjusted error message

    I can almost guarantee this is it. See it all the time on other KM machines when the IT guy blocks the port or machine from accessing it after turning that feature on.

    Just go into admin mode and...
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