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  1. Re: Kyocera Printers and Katun Toner - What are your experiences?

    I've replaced the drum now with a new one (but same old dv box with katun toner). Seems smearing has disappeared.
    I'm really not sure if it's the toner or was the drum really worn out.
    Drum has...
  2. Re: Kyocera Printers and Katun Toner - What are your experiences?

    But please what I have to replace to get the printer working.
  3. Re: Kyocera Printers and Katun Toner - What are your experiences?

    Thank you

    how can I repair the printer then when having used non origianal toner and it makes stripes.
    Replace drum and use original toner?
  4. Kyocera Printers and Katun Toner - What are your experiences?

    Can you recommend it?
    Thank you.
  5. Ricoh M C240FW and WLan Connection

    Is there anything known about WLan problems with this device. Device looses WLAN connection and if you want to add it again, device shows no available WLAN Networks. One day later it finds the Wlan...
  6. Lexmark MS421 Kernel Error 900.00


    I have a MS 421 here with 900.00 errors. (java killed, kernel panic not syncing and so on When you restart the machine 10 times or so, it will boot normally sometimes so I could try some...
  7. Lexmark MS 421 insufficient resources message in Display


    the device works fine but there is this message in the display
    insufficient resources
    What can I do?

    Thank you
  8. Lexmark A4 devices and sending counter with email

    Do the Lexmark A4 machines have this function?
    Only thing I can find is mailing alerts (toner, imaging unit empty and such things) but not the counter.
    I have a MX320/420 series here.

    Thank you.
  9. Brother resetting changed password of web interface

    Is it possible with the brother machines to reset a forgotten, changed password from the webinterface to default separately or do I have to reset whole machine?
    It's a HL L6400.
  10. Re: KM C3350i and duplex print from linux cups

    Thank you,

    KM Support gave us another ppd, which solved the problem.
    Seems the ppd you can download from km website has this bug.
  11. Re: KM C3350i and duplex print from linux cups

    Thank you.
    There is the button "Print Type" under "admin" then "finishing" too where I can switch from 1-sided two 2 sided,
    but in the application (Libre office in this case but with other apps...
  12. KM C3350i and duplex print from linux cups

    I've installed the ppd for C3350i on a linux system.
    I simply can't find where to active the duplex unit.
    The 1-sided 2 sided button in my app (libre office) remains grey.
    I cant select 1 or 2...
  13. Brother Lxxxx Mfp Printer series tray change issue

    Hello Colleagues,

    you know you can set "Tray Selection" for printing from Mf->Tray1->Tray2 to "Only Tray 1".
    And I set Auto Continue to "off" in printing menu.
    I thought when you send a print...
  14. bizhub C3350i and Connector for Microsoft Onedrive


    I want to test the onedrive connector (demo version) from the konica-minolta marketplace.
    But I can't login into the microsoft account with my username and pw.
    There's always an error...
  15. Fax 2840 longer Original Documents

    Does this model have a software switch so that you can send longer original documents. The maximal document length is restricted to i don't know which length. I know
    that older models (but not...
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    MFP Reset Tool C3351

    Dear people,

    is there anyone who could give me the mfp reset tool for the C3351
    file is named a92eem.tar
    Thank you
  17. Epson LQ 680 ejects paper very often

    I have a customer (doctor) who prints the DinA6 prescriptions with the LQ 680.
    Very often (not every time) the printer feeds the papersheet from the front but ejects it again.
    When you...
  18. New M3645idn and toner coating on lower fuser roller

    A customer has a new M3645idn and uses original toner definitely. After 27000 prints the lower fuser roller was coated with toner, so there were all the little toner crumbs on the printed sheet.
  19. Re: Overlay printing and Kyocera Ecosys M3645idn

    Thank you so much,

    so it isn't as easy as with Konica-Minolta. With KM I generate a .kfo file from my original form (which I must have as a word or pdf file or something) with the printer driver...
  20. Overlay printing and Kyocera Ecosys M3645idn

    Dear Colleagues,

    we have a customer who uses olverlay printing for their two different letterheads.
    This means there are two files (for the two different letterheads) saved on a micro sd card...
  21. Re: C3320i and fan noise, even in sleep mode

    Yes, it seems to depend on the network environment. In some network environments the problem occurs in others not.
  22. Re: C3320i and fan noise, even in sleep mode

    Here in Europe the only solution for this annoying issue (due to bad design I guess) is to order a modificated base board and replace it.
    And you have to install a special firmware.
    Are you a...
  23. Rowe Scanner 450i reset Maintenance Message


    we have a ROWE Scanner 450i where a maintenance message for the scanner
    pops up when we start the scan software on the computer. You can click ok,
    then you can use it as usual. Could anyone...
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    Scan to FTP with bizhub C650i

    We have a customer who scans documents to a remote server via FTP Scan with the C650i. Sporadically the scan fails with error "No Folder". Has anyone ever encountered this?.
    Ok, sporadically no...
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    Re: C3320i Box not available

    The box function is not available for the C3320i because this machine has no "Hard Disk" in certain sense to store data. Only if you install an optional Fax Card you get a box function but only for...
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