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  1. Thread: Stress level

    by Gendo

    [Misc] Re: Stress level

    I totally support this decision. If this will ultimately have a positive impact on your stress level, as well as your mental health in general, I believe itís totally worth it to undertake these...
  2. Re: Having Their Cake And Eating It Too. Konica Minolta Celebrates Awards.

    It's cool that such articles arouse people's interest. It's just that no one in my environment is interested in cooking and such things. I'm the only one in the company who likes to make cakes or...
  3. Re: Hezel certificate - how much dangerous for health to work in printer industry

    Indeed it is dangerous for health to work in the printer industry and I can say this from my own experience because I went through this and realized at one point that I have to leave this job because...
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