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  1. Re: looking for opinion on RICOH GREENLINE UNITS

    I saw a couple of weeks ago a video of ricoh on youtube, which talked about this topic, it seems they have converted some factories in japan, which produced new machines, into appliance regeneration...
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    Re: MP 9001 browse network error

    hi, sometimes "strange" things happen on the net, it happened to me too, usually it is the misalignment of the mf in the network, eg. (subnet mask, dns), but it has happened to me many times that...
  3. Re: LD540c Put new toner in and it says toner empty replace toner

    toner pump, or developer unit broken internal
    check the enter hole of the the developer unit, if its empty=toner pump, if very full=developer unit broken
  4. Thread: MPC 5503..

    by luca72

    Re: MPC 5503..


    you checked the fuser gear, if worn?
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    Re: Ricoh MPC5000 ADF Keeps Jamming

    62 / 5000

    Risultati della traduzione
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    Re: MP301 PCU's failing constantly

    I on a couple of occasions, I used type28, it worked great👍
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    [Misc] Re: SP9100dn Excessive Dev usage

    hello, try to check the "classification assy, ​​unit" that kind of transparent plastic cylinder (above the development group) the flaps often come off, which act as a reel, if it does not work well...
  8. Re: Faint Black on Ricoh MPC2003 color pattern, copy and printout.

    with your fingers, turn the gear of the black development group a few turns, back and forth a dozen times, to clean a doctor blade, and try, then try to reverse the pcu of black (pcu only), with that...
  9. Re: Metis sleeve assy.d150-4042 for small model?

    then, it wasn't just my impression! became so by itself. but not only that. I know English enough, but to write more fluidly, I use the translator, which I noticed that now, it sucks more, I have to...
  10. Re: Faint Black on Ricoh MPC2003 color pattern, copy and printout.

    didn't you forget to reassemble the back cover of the pcdu?
    in any case... clean ID sensors, and run the sp process control routine (all) via sp process.

    p.s. don't trust too much of that sp...
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    Re: Ricoh MP C3003 makes thumping sound

    common problem on that type of fuser design, sometimes very loud, tac-tac-tac-tac-LOL, you can solve it, without disassembling , through the paper entry and output slot, insert with a syringe, with a...
  12. Re: Metis sleeve assy.d150-4042 for small model?

    thank you very much, you saved us money and space, avoiding to buy another spare one, for the smaller models
  13. Metis sleeve assy.d150-4042 for small model? [solved]

    hello everyone, I tried to search here on the forum, but honestly I could not get a 100% confirmation, with a view to streamlining the spare parts warehouse we are trying to unify several parts, I...
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    Re: MPC 5504 Ex Service Lock and Changed Passwords

    go wrong, you can try to ask a ricoh card repair service, our supplier can provide us with new nv-ram, with the counter reset, (for example mp2501 = 70euro if I remember correctly), many customers...
  15. Re: printer preferences from old machine to new machine

    I did not know this, interesting, thanks
  16. Re: SC 362 - No developer in the all development units (IMC 2500)

    leaving aside the discourse that powering complex electronic devices such as a photocopier with a generator, is the worst thing that can be done.

    maybe the customer ignorantly emptied them (?) it...
  17. [Misc] Re: Ricoh AF MP 5054 scan to qnap stuck on waiting.

    hmm, it fails to write, try to check via wim, in the "system monitor", or print the network configuration from user tools, you will find the system monitor log there, and see what kind of error...
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    Re: Nozzle Clogging in GTP RI2000

    hi, look, i don't know that model, but i can give you two tips about inkjet machines:
    1) especially the professional ones, once the inert liquid has been freed and the ink passed, the customer must...
  19. Re: Help looking for NVRAM or CNtrler board for mpc8002

    I would suggest you to ask some of your card repair suppliers, for example from us, the supplier who provides us with the ricoh card repair service, he can also sell us the nvram (even reset), about...
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    Re: MP C4504 double imaging

    here, we call them that, because they crumble quickly, as if they were made of white chocolate .. ..."galak" in fact..LOL
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    Re: aficio mp 2000L scaner

    you have to download the twain drivers from the ricoh website (just to the right of the drivers) I don't know that program, we use hexonic scan to pdf
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    Re: MP C4504 double imaging

    galak fusing gear?
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    [CQ] Re: Ricoh mp6502 drum and developer units

    it's like the audi models, A1..A3..A4, I don't understand anything anymore..LOL
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    Re: Black band on Copy from Aficio 1022

    it seems the typical defect, when a small piece of paper is stuck between the cleaning blade and the drum
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    Re: MP C4504 double imaging

    you say, that they are so "strange" that when they pass between PTR, and ITB, they have a kind of slowing down because of the protrusions, which knocks the image out of register? it could be.
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