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  1. Re: MX6070N ghosting on black / lines

    I just had a MX 3070 doing the same thing and it was the fuser not cleaning built up toner on the rollers. I was able to clean the fuser rollers and was good to go.
  2. Re: MX3640n - Error Codes F2-73 and F2-67

    The other solution is the PCU PWB but a different machine rules that out so i would next suspect the power supply.
  3. Re: HP LaserJet 500 M570DN - "Squeaking" noise

    The customer calls because of a squeak and when you try a different cartridge it goes away. I have definitely had to replace compatible toners with this issue, one reason I don't like compatibles.
  4. Re: Printing on label paper multiple times

    It could also be that the manufacturer of the labels have made an "upgrade" to the label itself or the backing or the manufacturing process still using the same numbers and packaging.
  5. scan thru ADF cutting off top portion of page

    We have a MX-3071 that when scanning cuts off the top 1/4 inch portion of the page. The problem is they are trying to print a death certificate which has the text starting at the very top of the...
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    Re: E6-11 MX 4141

    Yes, the
    White reference plate on the front underside of the slit glass.
  7. Re: Konica c552 Tray 1 Not Lifting

    We had a mx-3050 sharp doing this very thing and after tearing the machine apart several times it ended up that the sensor was not being pushed in far enough by the tray. we built up the area on the...
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    Re: sharp mx-3140

    if you have not replaced the HDD and updated the firmware you will not be able to get into the settings.
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    Re: sharp mx-3140

    I had this happen to a 2640 last week. We had to replace the hard drive and there was nothing left in the old one to copy from so had to start from scratch on the address book.
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    Re: Sharp mxm 266n

    Here in the middle of the country we have had a lot of issues with high moisture content. open a new ream of paper and see if it still curls.
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    Re: Victor 1260-3

    No marks on the tiny gears we have have seen its much cheaper for them to buy another calculator. I know the customer gets used to their favorite calculator and definitely don't want to change but...
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    Re: M453N indents

    Looks like a fuser issues as previously stated.
  13. Re: MP C2003 how to change print density with Mac

    Would these adjustments not be done in the computer before sending it to the Mp c2003?
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    Re: Victor 1260-3

    On the calculators the boss has had us work on if the timing is off it is almost impossible to redo. We tell the boss its broke and we cant fix it. You could mess with it over three hours and still...
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    Re: Sharp 402SC Print issue-HELP!

    I would try another transfer belt it doesn't look like the cleaning blade is doing its job.
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    [CQ] Re: MX-M364

    I just had a call today on one with light copies, but the internal prints were good (better when I cleaned the LSU slit). All I had to do was clean the dust off the optics, blow out the charge unit...
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    MX-FN27N Finisher

    I installed a new

    MX-FN27 N finisher on a MX-M3050 and out of the box it would not staple the top rear single staple. All the other staple positions worked. I took it back out of the machine...
  18. Re: MX 4070N stripping black developer

    No it was just blocking the doctor blade and then blocking the toner transport pipe which caused the low level of developer and toner in the developer unit. The toner had square type chunks in it,...
  19. Re: MX 4070N stripping black developer

    43715Update: it happened the first of the week again. We called the sharp Hotline and their only suggestion was that the toner was clumping and to replace the toner and developer and to clean the...
  20. MX 4070N stripping black developer

    We have an MX 4070N stripping black developer. This is the third time in 6 weeks that we have replaced the black developer.
    I have checked that the toner is dumping into the developer unit (we are...
  21. Re: Sharp MX-B455W TROUBLE: E7-11

    We had this error on a Mx-4141 and were getting ready to replace the scan and/or ccd board and it ended up just having to reaseat connection to the CCD board
  22. Re: MX-5141N Depleted Cyan Developer After Replacement

    We have always used original Sharp Toners and Developers and still had this issue on 2 machines.
  23. Re: c554e not banner printing - have I missed something?

    Not sure about Konica Minolta but I know on Sharp Machines there is a setting for banner printing that has to be turned on in the simulations
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    [Misc] Re: MX-M565N ops panel

    I know the home screen can be changed but once you open the copy mode or other screen as far as I know the
    list of various functions cannot be changed.
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    Re: MX-6070N Copy Quality

    I would replace the main charge kit and drum first.
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