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    Re: Online Training 1,400 Courses only $99.00

    That seems really interesting. I have to change occupation after my grave accident in a construction site.
  2. Re: Evolved Office Implements New SEO & PPC Reporting Software

    I'm not sure how trustworthy is this software for a good SEO campaign.
  3. Re: What a Millennial Wants: Remote Work is Here to Stay

    Tell me about it. It's not only millennials that prefer remote work at this point. I'm a diabetic and for me getting COVID-19 can turn fatal. Consequently, I don't see any reason to work in an office...
  4. Re: Office Depot Partners To Sell, Install Google Smart Home DevicesAI & IoT Daily a

    The price is good.
  5. Re: Evolved Office Announces the Release of Its Latest Marketing Automation Platform

    For me choosing the right platform for marketing campaigns is a significant subject. We can see how complete is the market of such companies, so it became hard to find a trusty and a good one. I...
  6. [For Sale] Re: Buy 420 Kit Online, Buy Weed Online, 420 Mail Order USA

    No thanks. Few places have good weed and they are mostly in California.
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    Re: RTX 3080 MINING FARM Rent now

    That looks interesting as a purchase, but it's a bit too late to start mining Bitcoin. Maybe other coins or alt coins could still work. I still believe that trading is the only way to profit out of...
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