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  1. [Misc] Re: BizHub C659- issues with a certain custom document size

    I've recently gone through something similar with 6 3/4 Envelopes. For me the problem came down to the application. My enduser was using Microsoft Word, which I find maddening in the way it...
  2. Re: Biz Hub C224e with DF701- scan glass assy jam?

    Bent corners is often caused by incorrect DF height (the mylar just right of the slit glass should fit down behind the ramp at the right of the slit glass, not above the ramp), or DF skew (same deal:...
  3. Re: DSPF 2 to 2 lead edge is way off side 1 only

    Now COPY and PRINT registration is done one side at a time, so yes, you can have a clutch affecting PRINT image registration. =^..^=
  4. [Misc] Re: PDF problem with UTAX CDC 5525 DCC 6525

    Like bsm, I would suspect a print emulation issue.

    There are two basic print languages that print data is sent in: PostScript (PS) and Printer Control Language (PCL). If the incorrect print driver...
  5. Re: DSPF 2 to 2 lead edge is way off side 1 only

    This is a single pass document feeder. The original is being scanned simultaneously on both sides at the same time. So how can the front of the page be late, while the back of that same page is on...
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    Re: Newbie say hello to everybody

    As a new member it may take a little while for those initial posts to appear. =^..^=
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    Re: C223 Paper jam in ADF unit

    Congratulations on your success. =^..^=
  8. Re: DSPF 2 to 2 lead edge is way off side 1 only

    So, side #2 remains registered properly while side #1 intermittently does not register properly?

    Sorry I don't have any ideas about that. =^..^=
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    Re: Newbie say hello to everybody


    What sort of a problem printing PDF's? Please explain. =^..^=
  10. Re: Copystar CS5052ci major copy quality issue

    Have you looked at the latent developed image on the primary transfer belt? Can the missing portions of the image be seen on the primary transfer belt?

    If the image on the primary transfer belt...
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    Re: FS-C8525MFP asking for Maintenance Kit A

    There's a photointerrupter that shines light through the neck of the bottle. If your enduser dumps the bottle, the neck of the bottle will become dirty on the inside (and outside), and indicate a...
  12. Re: DSPF 2 to 2 lead edge is way off side 1 only

    Does it have a simulation 50-6? If it were me I think I'd take a little peek in the manual. Who knows? There might be something useful there. =^..^=
  13. Re: My first EVER flat battery and the symptoms that came with it (C224e)

    Back in my Mita days it became very common after 7 to 10 years to see a blinking PM indicator (The PM indicator is just on or off, never blinking). If you put your meter on the backup battery then...
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    Re: General Questions on C3350

    As a general rule tabletop color machines are never an improvement over any console color, regardless of manufacturer, model, year, etc. You can count on unhappy customers, especially if their trying...
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    Re: copystar 406ci firmware

    The firmware will work fine. The brand is defined under Destination. If you don't change it, it will remain a Copystar, Kyocera, Utax, Gestetner, Monroe, or whatever other brands Kyoceras appear as. ...
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    Re: e-Studio 457, jam in fuser...

    Good catch. =^..^=
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    Re: Bizhub i series tip

    I've done it plenty of times myself. =^..^=
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    [Error Code] Re: kyocera ecosys m2035dn

    All CFxxx codes fit in two categories:

    1) a firmware or communication error between boards
    2) a print data error

    If you disconnect the network cable and can successfully boot up and copy, it's...
  19. Thread: TA 3500i

    by blackcat4866

    Re: TA 3500i

    What he means is that if you were to try to register the warranty on a later PM kit, you'd need to know the original developing unit serial # to successfully submit a warranty claim.

    I'm guessing...
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    Re: Taskalfa 5501i white pages

    The copies are white? The prints are white? Completely white ... or maybe just poor transfer. Or maybe poor developing? When you emergency stop the machine is there latent image on the drum?

  21. [Misc] Re: Toshiba e-Studio4505AC is printing lines on page

    If the pattern repeats at 94mm it's the drum.
    If the pattern repeats at 96mm it's the fuser film.

    That being said, if you aren't a technician you can cost yourself a lot more money by doing it...
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    [Misc] Re: NEED KIP700 parts

    Good luck finding those parts. They're obsolete. The last time I attempted to order I could not get any of these items from the manufacturer. =^..^=
  23. [Misc] Re: what chemicals are you using to clean one ways on KM units

    Does anybody remember the Ikon Canons refurbished in Mexico? As part of the process the covers were powder coated a pretty beige.

    On the first few service calls when the covers started getting...
  24. Thread: Hello All

    by blackcat4866

    Re: Hello All

    Welcome! =^..^=
  25. [Misc] Re: what chemicals are you using to clean one ways on KM units

    Ain't that the truth. In High School (1978-80) I worked summers in the paint booth etching aluminum parts with Trichlorethelene in a sprayer. There wasn't any sort of ventilation or masking at the...
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