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    Nearly complete voided CQ

    I’ve encountered at least 4 of these Orion machines. Seems to be the ones that end in the 4 and not the 5 as I’ve seen at least one MXM364 where this issue has occurred on. I receive calls for light...
  2. [Misc] Re: HP LJ M806 3K Sheet Stacker Finisher Bin displays full at 50 packets.

    50 Packets is default however calling HP they sent me a fix to disable the limit.
  3. [Misc] HP LJ M806 3K Sheet Stacker Finisher Bin displays full at 50 packets.

    The issue is in the title of this thread. I tried updating firmware and a different printer driver/ PC and to no avail this issue occurs. Did a tad bit of research and discovered this was how HP...
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    [CQ] Re: 46-24/ 46-74 Doesn’t Complete

    Executing 62-14 resolved this issue.

    ***This wiped out document files from HDD***
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    [CQ] 46-24/ 46-74 Doesn’t Complete

    I’ve encountered multiple models where firmware is up to date, flashed, optics clean, prints look “normal” all other calibration comes out ok or normal however executing either of these SIMs in the...
  6. Re: Mx-m354N throwing developer + error F2-40 + jamming

    There id a Tech Tip on Sharps site for the F2-40 it is for the 453 series does work. I had tried everything the manual states and thus TT was the only thing that worked. If you go into 25-1 and...
  7. MX-FN15 throws staple jobs off over tray to the floor at exit. ONLY Staple jobs

    Been trying to troubleshoot an MX-M753N with an FN-15 finisher with the issue above. Tried replacing Finisher Controller PWB, Delivery roller motor, tried swapping the sensors for this motor as well...
  8. Re: Replacement of drum + blade + developer on MX-M354N and question on SIM 25-2

    I encounter dev spills on thud family quite a bit sadly. Potentially VAC in causing issues, however I've found replacing the transfer roller at PM stops it and minimizes the spill. I've gone through...
  9. Re: Sharp MX-7040 Polaris frozen on "please wait"

    It ended up being the HDD. I didn't provide it enough time to format. Once the HDD had finished formatting the green LEad light on the op panel stopped flashing.
  10. Sharp MX-7040 Polaris frozen on "please wait"

    I came to this machine yesterday it was stuck on please wait portion of boot up. I tried resetting the machine and it booted up to this part again. I was instructed by a co worker to remove the...
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    Re: MX-FN13 FPPD1_N

    Have you tried adjusting the solenoid? Left to ride to widen the gap?
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    Re: MXM260 Developer Spillage

    Anyone find a solid answer to this. I've encountered this at least three times now. Currently at one and I've tried replacing DEV and DV Unit on one with no success. I was at one last Thursday for 3...
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    Re: MX-FN13 FPPD1_N

    I had encountered a similar issue. I replaced the paper in gate as well as adjusted the paper in gate solenoid. Seems to have fixed the issue.
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    [Error Code] MX-M260 F9-88 error code

    Anyone know of common solutions for this error the F9-88 error code on this model. Print a Queue is cleared. Printer PWB reseated. Thanks
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