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  1. [Error Code] Epson AcuLaser C9300 giving service request E554 when powering on

    It may even go through the powering stage to ready and print few pages, but only very occasionally. Printed pages seem to be ok when it prints. I just canīt find this error code anywhere. AcuLaser...
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    [Dead] Re: Lexmark X925 282.01 Error (ADF Jam)

    Hi. I have exactly the same ADF jam code 282.01 on all the time. A bit before it was 283.03 and it could cleared sometimes by powering off and on, but now it is 282.01 permanently. Printing of course...
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    [Error Code] Canon Advance C5235 error E760 and E747

    Machine is almost new giving these errors rather frequently and not printing all the time. Sometimes there is a jam (PS55) also.
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