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    Re: C-3110, E-304 and E-301...

    Did you mention what model that you were referring to? =^..^=
  2. Re: C-458, "Unable to connect to Authentication Device"...

    Once you're in service mode > enhanced security mode: Stop 0 Clear > User Authentication > OFF.
  3. [Misc] Re: Konica Minolta C258 custom paper tray seting

    Here's the DIPSW's that I can trace back:

    10 02 04 ???
    25 Firmware Function Version 3.0: 40, to firmware function version 4.2: B0
    51 Consumable Life Warning-do not show: F0, to display all: 00...
  4. [Misc] Re: Konica Minolta C258 custom paper tray seting

    Thanks for posting back, and collecting the appropriate data. We can work with that to narrow it down further. =^..^=
  5. Re: HP laser jet 4 plus printing checks with Data faction program, not registered cor

    I'm good, thanks.

    All true. Maybe slower, but never faster paper passage.

    And you would see line blurs crossfeed, where the fuser was pulling the unfused paper faster than the latent...
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    Re: 5520C firmware

    That won't help your "Service Recommended for SPC" message. =^..^=
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    Re: 5520C error code. Service SPC

    Start by cleaning the drum potential sensors. Details on pg 1447 of your manual. =^..^=
  8. Re: HP laser jet 4 plus printing checks with Data faction program, not registered cor

    Sounds like BS to me. I can't imagine any fuser changing the image registration, as long as it's the correct fuser.

    Laserjet 4+, eh? Probably a museum. I'm surprised that any kind of print driver...
  9. Re: Kyocera dp-7100 jam 6910(sub code 01)

    I can be pretty sure that the J6910 has nothing to do with your document processor. J6910 is a finisher jam on the 4000 sheet finisher. Its a rear DF (hence: document finisher) side registration jam....
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    Re: main board Ta 3510i

    You'll probably have a C-0840 greet you at bootup, and/or "Time for Maintenance T".

    Observe the qualifications about replacing the main PWB:
    swap the original EEPROM onto the new PWB at YC14...
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    Re: FK-8550 Shortage

    I'm looking at U346 in the manual, and I don't see anything called "fuser power mode".

    I do see:
    Timer/Sleep Level: BAM conformity country setting
    Auto Sleep: Switch auto sleep function setting...
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    Re: Ta 6052ci scan color way off

    Your memory is good. =^..^=
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    Re: Ta 6052ci scan color way off

    This might look familiar. Mine turned out to be a ISC PWB and calibration:

    Wanna see some cool copies?
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    Re: Funny stories I tell customers

    It was fall, and the catholic elementary school had just resumed classes. Over the summer a family of mice had moved into the fuser of a Mita DC-111 (not-"C"). Unfortunately for them, the mice did...
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    Re: TA-3551/F248

    Many of the causes of CF248 errors have been addressed with firmware.

    Most of the remaining cases are associated with web-based applications, printing web pages, MacIntosh computers. If you have...
  16. [Jamming] Re: Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn jamming issue

    Congratulations on your success. =^..^=
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    Re: Blank Line Problem

    Either one of these are likely possibilities. Based on your samples, I'm leaning towards the first one. Either a toner rock or some other foreign contaminant collected under the doctor blade will...
  18. Thread: C750i

    by blackcat4866

    [CQ] Re: C750i

    Congratulations on your find! On the bizhub 808's it's common to have the waste bottle fill to the top at the transfer waste spout, backing up the transfer waste. Often the enduser figures out that...
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    [Jamming] Re: jamming in color duplex

    I've seen E520 (also EA10 & E510) jams on duplex, monochrome or color, when the hole through the duplex gate ovals out. When the gate is actuated the ends of the fins at the rear rub on the lower...
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    Re: Funny stories I tell customers

    I've seen truck tires seated with starting fluid, but I think it's essentially the same thing. You need the sudden explosion to seat the tire rim. The fire is instantly extinguished when the oxygen...
  21. [Jamming] Re: Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn jamming issue

    ... and you did notice that little image quality issue with magenta? =^..^=
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    Re: Marketplace screen saver problem

    I don't know what this OpenAPI Application Manager is but I found instructions in bizhub Marketplace Installation Guide, to use bizhub Marketplace installer to un-install. This is how that works:
  23. Re: Konica Minolta bizhub C360 - Paper Jam 11-01

    I can't pass the opportunity to disagree with these fine folks.

    I NEVER damage the shaft further. Most of the time cleaning and adding light oil make the one-way bearings work properly. If it...
  24. [Jamming] Re: Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn jamming issue

    There have been issues with the paper size switches. Yes, I see the A5 image centered on A4 paper. There are two places that the paper size is set: with the cassette dial AND in the System Menu. If...
  25. Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 250ci - horizontal smudging/dark band

    The thing that I find intriguing is the fact that the dark band is in the feed direction, and it's not a straight line. I suspect that you'll find something foreign in there. It might be a scrap of...
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