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  1. [Dead] Re: Konica Minolta C364e Hangs at boot logo

    1.Are you already replace the Power Supply Board ?
    If already and same

    2.can you access to service mode menu ?
    If yes, you can check error code on the Counter->Service Call History (Data)
  2. Re: Konica Minolta bizhub C364e Bootscreen and Menu-background

    Anda dapat mengakses mode layanan -> Sistem 2 -> Kustomisasi Layar- >Layar Booting

    File prosedur harus dalam format PNG dan memiliki resolusi (800x480)
    Prosedur pada menu boot ini :
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    [Error Code] Re: C-224e: MFP Controller Download N.G.

    maybe you can follow this guide on the youtube
    Fixing Firmware N.G Message| Konica - YouTube

    reconnect the SSD / TPM Board on the MFP Board and try to install the firmware again
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