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  1. Re: P3155dn and P3055dn slow first page out

    I had a baffling one years ago:

    It was a Kyocera VoyagerE ... technically two of them, KM-C4035E. One of them significantly slower than the other. They were only a few feet apart, so it was kinda...
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    Re: Wanna see some cool copies?

    I suspect that you may not have purchased the CCD calibration sheets, or run the calibration. There is a data table that must be populated to define the CCD colors. =^..^=
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    [Jamming] Re: Konica Minolta c6100 Jam??

    I comes bundled with the main body. Have a look at that reference post. =^..^=
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    Re: Wanna see some cool copies?

    No sir, the ISC is on the back frame of the scanner (at least on the Alphard2 series).

    I don't have a service manual For the Iris2, but I suspect that the CCD is wired directly to the Engine PWB....
  5. Re: HEIF and HEIC Terrible print quality (On Kyocera Products)

    With Mac coming out with an operating system every year like clockwork, I can imagine that it's nearly impossible to keep creating updated print drivers, especially on a newer file format. =^..^=
  6. Re: HEIF and HEIC Terrible print quality (On Kyocera Products)

    What application are you using to open these HEIF/HEIC files?
    What MAC OS is running on the computer? High Sierra & Mojave support this file format, and later (2015).
    Are you using the correct PPD...
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    Odds & Ends

    Like most of you, I've been scrapping out failed units for 30+ years.

    As a consequence I've collected a few bushings, bearings, heat collars, screws of many varieties, springs, E-clips, C-clips,...
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    Re: Ecosys p2040dw / dk 1150

    Me too. =^..^=
  9. Re: Kyocera 3500i Document feeder failure

    The simplest way? I've attached a .txt file. It's got the PreScribe command required to print the Error Log.

    Just change the file extension to .capt
    Copy the file to your USB2 stick.
    Insert the...
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    [Misc] Re: Olivetti 255MF toner issue

    The toner cartridge should have a holographic sticker on it identifying Kyocera. =^..^=
  11. [Misc] Re: TA 3050 3550ci Fuser Belt (UFR) from Katun

    When VoyagerE's were the rage, and they were coming out with fuser updates every week, I was saving the cores and swapping around components to rebuild them, at least to get to the PM kit. It took 2...
  12. Re: BH-C-284e, difference between boards inside front panel

    There's an old style part: A5C1H00E01
    and a new style part: A161H00U01

    As far as I know you can use either interchangeably. I would assume that the new style part is improved in some way ... but...
  13. Re: hỗ trợ vay vốn kinh doanh khởi nghiệp

    Google Translate seems to think it's German, but that's intuitive.:

    "GŁnter believe in globes."
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    Re: Canon C60 White Spots

    I've seen primary transfer cause this issue on Konica Minoltas. The reason that you don't see a repetitive pattern is that the primary transfer belt is ~120cm long ... way longer than any single...
  15. Re: hỗ trợ vay vốn kinh doanh khởi nghiệp

    This Vietnamese gentleman would like to offer you a small business loan. =^..^=
  16. Re: Hi I need the Service Access code for a HP PageWide Color 755dn.

    Call the hotline. They'll issue you one. =^..^=
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    Re: M3540D makes noise in sleep mode.

    Not that it's a huge crisis that a fan still runs ... but you can set the sleep mode to a certain value ... say 5 minutes, then low power mode to 6 minutes. See page 8-38 of your operators manual ......
  18. Re: I took like a 12 yr break from Copytechnet but I'm Baaaack!

    Welcome! =^..^=
  19. Thread: 4052ci

    by blackcat4866

    Re: 4052ci

    Sure! When you make more prints, it will increment upwards. Make as many as you want! =^..^=
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    Re: Intermittent thermistors

    Good catch! That's not so easy to see. I've noticed this same issue on the 4555C, 4505AC and 4515AC holders also. I just touch the thermistor while metering, and it opens momentarily. When you...
  21. Re: TaskAlfa 8002i and 8003i Cardstock use and Jamming

    The MFP's that you have are fully capable of handling 199gsm media from any tray, with the correct media type settings. When using heavier media you may experience earlier wear on feed rollers and/or...
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    Re: hp 1536 speed low

    A common cause for this is setting the media type to heavy media. It slows down the machine speed and increases warmup time. And a machine reset reverts media type back to Plain paper.
  23. Re: Kyocera 3500i Document feeder failure

    You might take a look at the error log to see what error occurred. =^..^=
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    Re: Kyocera M5526cdn problem with printing

    There have been updates to the primary transfer belt unit. If this is the original one, it's common to have belt cleaning issues.
  25. Re: TaskAlfa 8002i and 8003i Cardstock use and Jamming

    I see you're learning. Excellent. =^..^=

    You can get the Users Manual here. It's a good place to start. You'll want to create a Custom Media Type for Heavy3 media. When you use glossy media...
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