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  1. Re: FS-C8020 F24C fault > Firmware update source?

    Thanks, will do.

    Thanks, I'll do as you mentioned and see if I can log into command center.
  2. FS-C8020 F24C fault > Firmware update source?

    Hi all,
    I have a FS-C8020 that has started giving F24C faults, requesting a power cycle, they only appear to happen when attempting to login as admin to the command center, which also gets stuck...
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    FS-C8020mfp Print quality query.

    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice regarding the print quality of a Kyocerca FS-C8020mfp, I don't have any experience with these machines previously, so thought I would get a second opinion on if I...
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    Re: Sharp toner in brother printer.

    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    I appreciate the civility.

    I probably should have noted that it was 38 sharp toner cartridges I given, and I really felt the need to do something other than...
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    Sharp toner in brother printer.

    This was probably always doomed to failure, but I may as well relay the outcome.

    So I had a number of unwanted Sharp MX23 toners on hand, plus an old unused (domestic quality) Brother HL2130, of...
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    Checking in.

    Hi all.

    Not exactly a printer tech, but as a remote site engineer I often end up being the default IT hardware support guy.

    Recently that involves some HP M477fdw, M451nw, M553N, various old...
  7. Re: TASKalfa 2551ci parts pipe transfer cleaning assy

    What kind of page count are these failures happening at?

    Or no apparent pattern.
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