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  1. Re: Mp 4002 printing light in parts that have a large toner area.

    At this point, I'd suggest removing the laser unit and cleaning the internal optics
  2. [CQ] Re: MP C300/400 Image quality with Thick paper

    I should have included the fact that I had already eliminated the fuser as the cause.
    It turned out to be the K-PCDU causing the issue.
    While I did say that I had replaced the pcu not so long ago,...
  3. [CQ] MP C300/400 Image quality with Thick paper

    Saw something yesterday that I've not come across before, and looking for a little advice and enlightenment :)
    I have an MP C300 at a church and while their volume isn't that large, they often print...
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    Re: Will a MPC2503 fit inside a MPC3503?

    While I have quite a few of this series in the field (by my standards anyway), they are all still relatively low meters as I usually source/ sell machines with under 50K total, and they mostly don't...
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    [Misc] Re: Can't access Web via SOP

    That did it!
    Thanks Skinny!
    I figured it would be something simple, but I never would have found it!
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    [Misc] Re: Can't access Web via SOP

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    [Misc] Re: Can't access Web via SOP

    I installed the firmware with all the individual modules.
    I took your advice and just went updated all of the Apps, but nothing has changed unfortunately
    Web Browser NX was installed on the...
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    [Misc] Can't access Web via SOP

    I've just picked up an MP C306 for resale.
    I've only dabbled in a handful of machines with the SOP so far, so I still have A LOT to learn, and that's what I'm trying to do.
    I recently also got an...
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    Re: MP 301 freezing up

    I had the same issue a few months back.
    After I updated the firmware, the Op panel behaved exactly the same as yours, and I didn't use the package firmware.
    I ended up rolling back the op panel F/w...
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    Re: Turning off Java

    Full disclosure: I have no idea what the full purpose of Java is.
    I 'think' that it's required for some additional apps that can be installed on machines. I'm a small 1 person operation that...
  11. Re: Scan to to folder/scan to email (mp 6001)

    As stated, while there is in fact F/W available to resolve the issue for scanning to folder (I don't think you'll have the same luck scanning via Gmail)
    Having said that, It grinds my gears when...
  12. Re: Savin C4503 - Blank page when pdf is set to "fit"

    Could also just be whatever PDF program the poster is using - specifically 'Adobe Air' has given me issues in the past
    I'm no expert, but I've had a couple of instances where customers complained...
  13. Re: ricoh mpc 3501 go daddy virus scan software problem

    I always prefer to use their own host when possible, but I deal with a lot of smaller businesses where their eyes glaze over when I ask questions about email hosting, etc. When that happens, I just...
  14. Re: ricoh mpc 3501 go daddy virus scan software problem

    I used GMX a few times several years ago myself- right around the time that their server went down for several MONTHS! I have no idea how they survived that.
    That was about the time that I found...
  15. Thread: mpc2503

    by sandmanmac

    Re: mpc2503

    Machine is set to SC auto reboot in SP mode.
    Check SC history to find the SC code /cause
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    Re: aficio 3045 toner add message

    He hasn't tried a damn thing except opening and closing the front cover
    Really quality tech work!
    Hmm...why all the red cards? I can't figure it out:confused:
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    Re: Ricoh MP 2554 shows copying forever

    Agree Mika.
    That's the first thing I'd try too. My question is why has the poster apparently tried Nothing?!
    Disconnect the drive and see if basic functionality is restored. If so, replace HDD as...
  18. [Misc] Re: MP 7503 Scan destinations clearing too quickly after scan sent.

    Scanner Sp1012 (user info release)
    Set it to 0 to hold it
  19. [Misc] Re: RICOH MP301 SPF - USB Scanning (no longer appears on scan options)

    Oh my....It most certainly is!
    Press the button man
  20. [Misc] Re: RICOH MP301 SPF - USB Scanning (no longer appears on scan options)

    He was only using it for scanning to usb/ SD card so it has to have an HDD for that function
  21. [Misc] Re: RICOH MP301 SPF - USB Scanning (no longer appears on scan options)

    Nothing special about the hard drive. Pop one in and see.
    2.5" sata.
    The HDD is minimum 128Gb, but you can install a larger one without issue
  22. [Misc] Re: RICOH MP301 SPF - USB Scanning (no longer appears on scan options)

    Just FYI...Scanning to PC via USB cable was never an option on that model.
    Network scanning ONLY.

    This is not correct. The opposite is actually true
    The HDD is an option this model and is NOT...
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    Re: MP3351 SC818

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    Re: mp301spf firmware

    Why don't you tell us what your purpose for registering here is? Is it to just to call out long time contributing members for pointing out things that are obvious, and entirely correct to the rest...
  25. Re: 03 Models SP Mode access changed from default

    Hey Jason, I've verified that it does not reset the SP Code.
    I've been wondering myself what the procedure is, figuring that it will eventually happen to me
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