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    RZ Master loading problems

    Hi all,

    we have an rz990 that is unable to discard old masters and load new masters. Even if we manually remove the old master, the riso will throw up a an error saying that the master was not...
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    Re: Riso recommendation GR3750/RZ970e

    go with the RZ970e... the GR3750 has been obsolete for a very long time now and you will not be able to get new parts for it. It will be easier to diy maintenance but I think as far as spare parts go...
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    [Misc] Re: Using Riso Z ink in V8000

    Pretty sure it's all soy based now, if you're getting new / fresh GR ink anyways, they stopped making the non soy, oil based ink a long time ago?

    Yes, people often transfer ink from Z tubes into...
  4. Re: GR 3750 "install ink cartridge" error with every drum I put in

    The ink might be too old and unable to pump into the drum, or the drum may be clogged from old ink. Is there a date code on the tubes of ink? No date code, then it is pre 2007 which is far too old. I...
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    Re: RZ220 - Feeding long sheets of paper in?

    If the RZ220 has interval print mode than it would be possible... but I think only some of the RZ machines have this mode.
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    [Misc] Re: Paper weights for Risograph FR3950

    The heaviest paper we run is 100# cover which is 270 gsm, however this really only works for us if we're printing the sheet grain short ie the grain direction of the paper is perpendicular to the...
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    Re: MZ790 - Print to C5 Envelope format?

    You can program in a custom paper size in the admin tab.
  8. Accidentally activated Set Up Wizard - Risograph MZ990

    While looking for something else in test mode, I accidentally activated test mode 0116 - 'Set Up Wizard Initialize'

    When I start the Riso up again, it automatically goes into the setup, setting...
  9. RZ990: Master Removal Jam, now it says there is a master on the drum...

    Hi there,

    I recently had a master removal jam ie the master was not ejected properly and got wrapped around the master removal belts. I cleared this out and now I am getting 'Master Remains on...
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    Re: Wrinkling masters gr 3750

    It might not work for you, but I used to have a gr3770 with this same problem. The only way I could figure to get around it was to manually apply pressure to the flanges as the master roll was...
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    Re: Which drums are compatible?

    You can see which drums are compatible by part # which is the S-# listed beside the model types. For example, under A3 machines you can see that all GR and FR machines use S-806 drums.

    For the...
  12. Re: Removing print cylinder from dead RZ990 - manual release?

    Oops, I missed that. Got it out now, thanks alot!!
  13. Re: Removing print cylinder from dead RZ990 - manual release?

    I took the cover off and there is no obvious latch that I can see underneath or around the drum, but I'm not sure... anyone know? I've attached a pic.

    Always try hitting reset first, unfortunately...
  14. Removing print cylinder from dead RZ990 - manual release?

    I have a dud RZ 990 - when powered on, the 'wake up' button flashes though nothing else turns on... Any thoughts on where to start with this?

    I would like to remove the print cylinder from the...
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    You can hope to find it from someone selling surplus or second hand (in which case make sure to confirm the age of the ink, as Riso ink is expired after 2 or 3 years.) Besides that, your best bet is...
  16. Re: MZ 790/990 Drum Problem - T96-569 & D02-532

    Problem solved! For some reason the Drum Code (TM 1210) and Ink Category (TM 1215) were set to 0 'Not Specified' I just copied the values for those 2 inputs from another working drum I have. After...
  17. Re: Risograph GR3770 Master not sticking to drum et al

    If the drum was properly inked up when you got it, and inked up when you put the new ink in for the first time but then started to dry up after that, it could be an issue with the ink you put in it. ...
  18. Re: MZ 790/990 Drum Problem - T96-569 & D02-532

    I'm wondering if I was sold an RZ5 drum by mistake. Is there any visual way to differentiate between RZ5 and RZ9 drums? I mean it looks the same as my other drums...
  19. Re: MZ 790/990 Drum Problem - T96-569 & D02-532

    One other note - when I was trying to install it and I put in test mode 887 for the inking action, nothing actually happened. It just beeped after a second.
  20. MZ 790/990 Drum Problem - T96-569 & D02-532

    Hi there,

    I'm having trouble installing a new blank print cylinder. When I put it in for the first time I get T96-569, which indicates "Print drum color or ink category not set." which is to be...
  21. [Misc] Re: Risograph ink shelf life? How long is it viable?

    OEM Riso ink is good for 2 years usually, I'm not sure about fastinks and other non oem inks... You can tell if it's gone bad if it's beginning to separate.
  22. Re: Riso MZ770A. Opinions on reliability compared with GR3770 pls.

    The 770 prints at a lower resolution than the GR 3770, but if it's in good shape I would imagine that it will be significantly smoother and easier to work with than the GR. There is over 10 years...
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    Re: Riso Master Making Unit shaking VIOLENTLY

    I had the same thing happen to me when I had a Riso MZ arrive on a skid. The problem was that the mastermaking unit had come out of place and become jammed in the door. We fixed it by turning the...
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    Re: Riso: Scanning vs. Sending

    You'll see much better quality and have more control with fine lines, text and halftones if you send your jobs directly to the Riso from an old pc.
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    Re: Riso, Duplo or Ricoh?

    Riso's are probably the most durable. If you are buying second hand, I think they will also be the easiest to find spare parts for, depending on the model...

    Another thread -
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